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Flapping Your Wings, A Trip In Search of Energy
Q. How were you selected for this special program? Do you have any tips for...
Kim Dae-gon  |  2013-03-04 20:51
Talk to Tomorrow, Will be Good
 Before Korea’s general election, our university’s general election wa...
Kim Dae-gon  |  2012-12-10 19:43
Secrets of the student cafeteria
As it is getting colder day by day, the weather often reminds us of a bowl of warm udong and gimbap at meal time.  ...
Jung Hwan-su  |  2012-11-26 21:18
What's your opinion about General Students' Association?
What's your opinion about General Students' Association? The termination of General Students' Association’s office ...
Jung Hwan-su  |  2012-11-13 20:21
How Much Do You Know About the Assistant of Your Dept.?
 Su-jin wakes up every morning like other students. She enters the office and checks through the day's schedule. Sh...
Jo Young-in  |  2012-11-12 20:13
What will you do after midterm exams?
What will you do after midterm exams?Kim Do-yeon, School of Architecture '10  After exams, I am going to study TOEI...
Jung Hwan-su  |  2012-10-29 22:41
Sarim Leaders Club
Do you know about work clubs in the school? Among several work clubs in the...
Im Guk-jin  |  2012-10-29 20:11
Sea-cret, the Event of Harmony and Unity
Q. Please explain about Sea-cret.A. Sea-cret, an annual event of Dept. of International Relations, the national students...
Jo Young-in  |  2012-10-15 14:48
Reading the Color of a City
Q. Tell us about yourself.A. I am a student of architecture engineering. I ...
Jo Young-in  |  2012-09-03 20:18
Canoe, Our Challenge, Our Achievement
Q. When did you start canoeing?A. I became interested in canoeing in the fi...
Jo Youngin-in  |  2012-05-21 18:06
SKID: Who are they?
Q. Would you please introduce SKID?A. SKID was founded in 2000 as our depar...
Jo Young-in  |  2012-04-16 17:30
Lifestyle of MT with University Student
Inerview with Park Ji-min (dept, of English language & literature 10) and K...
이정은  |  2012-04-07 19:05
Freshmen’s Hopeful and Apprehensive University Life
Q. Are you truly proud to be a student at CWNU?A. When I first entered CWNU...
김대곤  |  2012-03-19 18:13
Overseas Volunteer Program in Cambodia
Q. Why did you decide to apply for the overseas volunteers program?A. First...
Jo Young-in  |  2012-03-05 16:10
Kang Dae-Woong won a prize of excellent oral presentation
Kang Dae-Woong (Master‘s Program 2) majoring in Environmental Engineering a...
Ko Hye-Young  |  2010-09-13 15:37
The opportunity of Overseas Internship
 If you are a student, you would have been interested in internships a...
Kim Gyeong-Ah  |  2010-06-07 22:39
Player KimTae-Eun ranked No.1
At 2010 Gwangjyeowoo Asian game member of the national team pre-match, I me...
Kim Hye-Jin  |  2010-05-24 17:55
‘A patent per student'
 ‘A patent per student'. This is a slogan of a patent invention club. ...
Kim Gyeong-Ah  |  2010-05-10 12:16
Thanks for your laborious task
 I met Kim Gil-Gon, a security guard at the College of Arts. 1. W...
Sung Jae-Ho  |  2010-04-26 09:23
‘Lee Ye-Won’ Selected to Member of the National Table Tennis Team
 Lee Ye-Won(Dept. of Physical Education, 07) was selected to a member ...
Kim Sung-Min  |  2010-04-12 21:56
오늘의 주요뉴스
From Changwon to the World, Overseas Employment Project
[CWNU Story]
From Changwon to the World, Ov...
Bus Route Changes and Increased Transportation Costs, Burden Grows for Citizens and Students
[Campus News]
Bus Route Changes and Increase...
Releasing Radioactive Wastewater from Fukushima: Is It a Safe Choice?
[Social & Issue]
Releasing Radioactive Wastewat...
Legal Gender Correction Possible Without Surgery; Simplifying Sex Change
[Social & Issue]
Legal Gender Correction Possib...
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