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Everyone is the main character to H.O.CInterview with Lee Jeong-Ryong, Lee Si-Hwa, Jo Don-Sik
  • Jeong Won-kyeong
  • 승인 2014.03.17 17:59
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H.O.C (Humans of Changwon, https://www.facebook.com/humansofchangwon). Have you heard this? It's the name of the Facebook page. They meet everyone in Changwon. If you are in Changwon, you can be a model to H.O.C. The Campus Journal met H.O.C.

Q. Would you please introduce H.O.C?

Ryong: We took the first photograph on 28th, January. Here are our members. Lee Si-hwa, Jo Don-sik, Jeong Jun-ho and myself. At first, we didn’t have any specific aims but as time went by we promised that we would upload one person a day. That's our only aim.

Q. Was there anything special that started these activities?

Ryong: I knew of the "Humans of" series through 'Humans of Jinju'. A photographer of that page is my friend. It looked interesting. Taking pictures of people and interviewing them. So I made the H.O.C page.

Sik: This year, I decided to have a new challenge. So I visited Nepal in the winter vacation and started a dual major. As it so happened, something new and attractive came to me. This is the reason why I started these activities.

Hwa: A person who has passion and youthful energy invited me and other members. Luckily, we are all alike.

Q. I met many people who are reluctant to be interviewed and pose for a photographer. I think that H.O.C experiences this. If one person refuses to have their photo taken and be interviewed, what do you do?

Ryong: I will end the conversation. I think that I don't have the tolerance for being refused. I also worked as a member of the blog press corps where I decided where and when to meet with the interviewee before. The working conditions are different for me.

Sik: I am different from Ryong. I leave after saying "Please 'Like' H.O.C!". In the past, I worked in public relations and gave promotion materials to people. Lots of people didn’t want me to give them the materials. So, from this experience, I think I am more tolerant in being denied.

Ryong: I remember one anecdote about being denied an interview. A few days ago, I went Lake Yong-Ji to take pictures. I saw two ladies, so I smiled and asked, "Hello, are you free now?" but they answered coldly, "No, we're not." It hurt my feelings a little.

Q. Would you tell me about the most touching episode?

Ryong: A hip-hop girl, Sumin touched me. Frankly speaking, before I left military duties, I didn't know what I wanted to do. In contrast, Sumin, is only 19 years old and has a firm aim in life. I think she is great person.

Hwa: I remember a man who played a guitar in Changdong like a scene from a movie, I accidentally heard the sound of a guitar so I followed it and found him. I persuaded him to participate by saying ‘I just want to remember this moment' and then I interviewed him.

Sik: Mine is an experienced photographer. He said, "A picture is same as waiting". I was touched by his saying.

Q. Is there anything gained by working at H.O.C?

Ryong: I feel self-esteem in doing this. I heard that it is difficult to get more than 100 ‘likes’ on a Facebook page. But H.O.C went over 1000 in 2 months and we are 3rd in the 'Humans of' series.

Sik: Before I started H.O.C, I didn't have the chance and courage to ask to interview other people. Now, I am free to that. So it's good for me.

Q. Is there any goals?

Ryong: Our goal is 'One person a day'. It means we will upload the interview of one person every day.

Hwa: I hope that I become an interviewer who can pull out stories of people.

Jeong Won-kyeong  msjwk9497@naver.com

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