UPDATE : 2021.6.7 Mon 08:54
CWNU and Local Community Enjoy New Cheongwoonji Rose Garden
There is a pond named “Cheongwoonji” in front of the west dormitory of CWNU. Cherry trees are planted along the lake, and cherry blossoms bloom brilliantly in spring. There is a coniferous forest on t
CWNU Receives a Rating of ‘Very Good’ in LINC+ Business Assessment for the Second Year in a Row
CWNU was founded in 1969 has worked hard to reach its goal of nurturing the talents of creative people who show executive skills, thrive with challenge. CWNU’s slogan is ‘To enter the top in ranking 1
Kazakhstan Government Offering Scholarships to Korean Exchange Students
Kazakhstan Government Offering Scholarships to Korean Exchange Students Amid a decrease in overseas exchange program activities due to COVID-19, the International Exchange Education Center is currentl
The Double-Edged Sword of School Teacher Vlogs
Recently, many teachers have been recording video clips in classrooms for their vlogs. A vlog is a combination of the words "video" and “blog” that refers to a video that records daily life. If people
The Poor Military Meal Service Should Be Improved as Soon as Possible
On May 8th, a post with a picture of the breakfast at the Army Training Center was posted on Facebook. The caption said,
CWNU Chosen as the 2021 Learning Institution for Remote Learning for College Students With Disabilities
This year, CWNU made efforts to help people with disabilities in various ways. The special education department made a CWNU song video in sign language. The Special Educa
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