UPDATE : 2022.12.5 Mon 00:49
CWNU Holds General Election for 2023
From November 14 to 15, the General Election for the 2023 school year of CWNU was held. Thus far, the election of the 36th ‘Synergy’ College of Engineering & Mechatronics Campaign Headquarters, the 35
2022 CWNU International Student Night Held Successfully
On the 6th, at 6:30 p.m, 2022 CWNU International Student Night was held at the Sarim Student Hall Auditorium. This event was held under the auspices of CWNU International Affairs and CWNU Internationa
Qatar World Cup
On November 20, (as of Arabian Standard Time), the Qatar World Cup opened splendidly at the Al Bayt Stadium, which can accommodate up to 60,000 people. The Qatar World Cup is the 22nd World Cup in his
2023 CSAT English Controversy: ‘Same Except For One Sentence’
On November 17, 2023 CSAT was held. CSAT is an exam which examinees go through in order to gain entrance into college once a year. For a day, examinees show up showcasing their efforts and capacity th
Home Care Planner Supporters: Visiting Child Abuse Families
The number of cases of child abuse, which was 2,160 in 2017, has increased more than 2.5 times in four years. According
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