UPDATE : 2021.10.11 Mon 08:57
CWNU Achieved Grade A in the Performance Evaluation of the University Innovation Supporting Business
Changwon University has the slogan, ‘Leap to become the top 10 National Universities and the No. 1 University in the community.’ With this goal, CWNU has made many steps, such as implementing the, ‘Ch
Graduate School of Education: A Story from Changwon University Graduates
It has been more than a month since the second semester began with the opening of the school in September. The second semester, which is relatively short compared to the first semester, will pass quic
CWNU Facilitate Student Convenience Through Improvement of Library Facilities.
Since 2020, when COVID-19 began to spread, the number of students visiting the Central Library of Changwon University, has decreased significantly. CWNU renovated the Central Library for next-generati
CWNU's Undergraduate Students of the Department of Food & Nutrition Won a Large Number of Awards at the International Conference of the Korean Food Society of Food Preservation
On August 27, undergraduate students of the Department of Food and Nutrition at Changwon University, won two excellence awards and two participation awards at the UCC Contest, and Capstone Design Comp
BTS Spoke at the U.N. General Assembly: A Message of Comfort and Hope to Young People Worldwide
At the opening ceremony of the "Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Moment," a special event held at the U.N. General As
Changwon National University Created a Student-Centered Learning Space Called, "USG Shared University Student Lounge”, at Bongrim Student Hall
Changwon National University, was selected for the, ‘Gyeongsangnam-do Regional Innovation Platform’, USG Sharing University Project. It has recently established a student
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