UPDATE : 2024.5.20 Mon 00:14
CWNU Collaborates with Local Universities to Solve Regional Issues
On April 19th, the CWNU Leaders in Industry- University Cooperation (LINC) 3.0 Project Team held a ceremony at the Gyeongsangnam- do Provincial Office in a conference room on the 2nd floor.
CWNU to Establish Aerospace Engineering Department in 2025
On April 29, CWNU announced that the ‘2025 Student Enrollment Adjustment Plan,’ which includes the establishment of the Aerospace Engineering Department, was approved during the academic affairs meeting
Abolishment of the Student Human Rights Ordinance, Questions for Student Human Rights
The abolition of the Seoul Metropolitan Government's Student Human Rights Ordinance was decided 12 years after its enactment.
Laborers Unable to Take a Break on Workers’ Day
May 1st is known as ‘Workers’ Day,’ and many companies allow their employees to have the day off although it isn’t designated as a public holiday.
The Changing Industrial Ecosystem Driven by Generation Z, Industry Must React Sensitively
Since the onset of the Covid Pandemic, Generation Z, which has garnered increased attention, has been reshaping various industries.
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