UPDATE : 2022.5.17 Tue 03:28
Can We Take Off Our Masks Outside?: Partial Lifting of Mandatory Outdoor Masks
For the first time since the 2nd of this month, the mandatory mask requirement was lifted and the Adjustment Plan was announced. Mask mandates have been partially lifted a year and seven months since
CWNU Selected Private Records Investigation and Exhibition Project for Japanese Military Sexual Slavery
CWNU’s Sustainable Development Center was selected for the "Investigation and Exhibition of Private Records on the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery Issue", a project organized by the Korea Women's
Carcinogen Detection in Cement, Dereliction of Duty by the Ministry of Environment?
On April 2, the National Institute of Environmental Research, analyzed the heavy metal content of the products of three major domestic cement companies in the European Union method. As a result, it wa
CWNU Athletic Meeting Started Again
The Changwon National University Sports Festival began in May. With the pandemic of COVID-19 commencing in 2020, it was impossible to proceed with the Sports Event along with other events. However, as
Signed a Cybersecurity Agreement to Eradicate Hacking
President Ho-Young Lee announced on the 27th that Changwon University had signed a business agreement to “strengthen coo
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