UPDATE : 2021.5.10 Mon 12:34
Changwon University Department of Music Students Hold 'Dance Night Concert'
Exhibition and performance are inseparable for people in the art world. Due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, the way people pursue creativity is changing, and the art world is under threat of stagn
CWNU Starts Laptop Loan Service for Digital Accessibility
The COVID-19 pandemic has tormented the world for about a year and a half. For students, this has meant that most lectures, assignments and even test taking has been done online. Under these circumsta
Institutional Food Service Lab’s Innovative Meal Kit Set for Children
In 2016, CWNU was recognized as a university that fosters’ enterprises and business establishments by national universities and public universities in the Gyeongnam area. To this day, CWNU supports th
Electric Scooters Threaten the Safety of Students
Changwon has a variety of electric scooter sharing services. Electric scooters are a good way to travel to a place that would be a short trip by car. Therefore, it is becoming more common to see vario
What People Still Don’t Know About Masks
For modern people living in the COVID-19 era, masks have become a necessity. Before coronavirus, wearing masks was optio
The Special Education Department Doing a Good Deed for People With Disabilities
Recently, COVID-19 has caused people with disabilities to experience difficulties due to changes in their lifestyles. One of the ways COVID-19 has changed daily life is t
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