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A Broadcast Appearance by School Violence Perpetrators
  • By Bae Yun-bin, reporter
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School violence has again emerged as a problem in Korean society because it has been revealed that some of the cast on TV programs and popular YouTubers are perpetrators of school violence. Some celebrities, identified as perpetrators of school violence, temporarily postpone their broadcasting and public appearances, or even attempt suicide. Above all, victims of school violence may develop mental and physical illnesses due to the trauma of school violence. Is it appropriate for school violence perpetrators to be public figures? Is it justified that the perpetrators return to their shows after giving an apology and saying they have spent time in self-reflection? The Campus Journal collected the opinions of the Changwon National University students through a survey. The survey was conducted from May 5 to May 8, 2020 for CWNU students over the age of 20. The total number of respondents was 69 students, so the results can’t be generalized. The survey respondents were 69.6% women and 30.4% men. The percentage of respondents by department was humanities (52.17%), economics & business (11.59%), natural science (5.79%), engineering (4.43%), mechatronics (7.24%), arts (1.44%), convergence and integration (5.79%), and anonymous (7.24%).

Most of the students responded that they were opposed to broadcasts with school violence perpetrators (88.4%). If the perpetrators are allowed to stay in the public eye, people will believe that the consequences of ‘school violence’ are minimal. Also, it does not have a good social impact. Some respondents said, 'In the past, school violence has occurred. If victims see a picture of the perpetrators, even accidentally, it's hard for the victim and they can get angry. If the perpetrators appear on TV, it will cause secondary mental damage to the victim and indescribable suffering.' On the other hand, some respondents were okay with the perpetrators' appearance on the show (5.79%). They answered that it is difficult to prohibit the perpetrators' appearance on the show itself. It is also up to the viewers to decide whether or not they want to continue to watch the show. As criminal offenders such as people who have commited crimes related to gambling, drunk driving, drugs and sex crimes also appear on the air, the standard for punishing only school violence perpetrators is inconsistent. Therefore, if the perpetrators can admit their crimes and endure criticism, they can appear on the show. Others said that public broadcasters could be limited, but that it would be difficult to limit their appearance to even individual broadcasting like Youtube.

▲ Is it appropriate for school violence perpetrators to appear on shows?

Should the broadcaster who committed school violence be able to return to the show and make a public apology to express their feelings of guilt? Opposition to this was 58%, lower than the opposition against the appearance itself. The most common reason was that the expression of remorse after the controversy should not be an indulgence. This could be an apology for show, and the authenticity of the apology is suspect. Most of the respondents who were okay with the public apology (34.78%) said they were okay with the perpetrator's apology under a condition. The condition was if the perpetrator apologizes sincerely and directly and the victim forgives them, it would be okay for the perpetrator to return to the show. The most important thing is the victim's forgiveness, and the apology should never be for show to boost public image.

▲ Is it justified that the perpetrator returns to a show after an apology and self-reflection?

School violence remains an irreversible crime for the perpetrator and an indelible wound for the victim. The most important matter in these kinds of situations is the perpetrator's sincere apology and the victim's forgiveness. Most of respondents agreed that the perpetrators could continue to appear on public broadcasts when situations were handled in this way. Viewers also need to carefully consider whether they watch TV programs that feature people who hurt someone.

By Bae Yun-bin, reporter  binibbo99@naver.com

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