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Feasibility of Resuming Shuttle Bus Service at CWNU
  • By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter
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▲ A sighting of the shuttle bus circulating within CWNU campus (Source: university newspaper)

Earlier in March, a student survey was conducted by the General Students' Association to assess the demand for the resumption of shuttle bus services within the campus. There has been a lot of interest in whether the shuttle bus, which hasn't been in use for a long time, will return to the students. In this article, we aimed to capture the students' and graduates' opinions regarding the resumption of shuttle bus services and their experiences while using the shuttle bus.

Since 2016, the shuttle bus, usually known as ‘Yellow Fellow’ due to its distinctive yellow paint, has been out of service. The shuttle bus operated twice a day, from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM and from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM, following a route that circulates from the main entrance of the campus to locations such as the library, Bongrim student all, the museum, and Sarim student hall. Kim Hee- tae, who was a student at the time of the shuttle bus operation on campus, stated, “There were instances when it was difficult to walk within the 15- minute break between classes. To avoid being late for classes held in distant buildings from other departments, I used the campus shuttle bus.” When asked about the satisfaction regarding the operating hours and route at that time, he responded, “I only had to travel a long- distance requiring shuttle bus usage once a week, so there isn't enough data to judge. However, I was satisfied with the operating hours. It seemed that both the timing when many students used it, and the route were appropriate.”

Meanwhile, as the campus shuttle bus has not been operational for about eight years, voices of students hoping for its resumption could be heard. Lee Eun- soo, a student majoring in Media & Communication, expressed the difficulties she faces in the absence of the campus shuttle bus, saying, “Currently, while living in the dormitory, it's quite challenging to walk to places like near the gym or the engineering building for classes, as the distance is far.” She further added, “When I have to walk such long distances, I wish there was a shuttle bus available.” She also shared her opinion on the potential advantages of reintroducing the shuttle bus, stating, “Since the campus is longitudinally stretched, I believe the revival of the shuttle bus would greatly help in reducing the commuting time within the campus.” Cho Hyung- no, a student majoring in the Department of French Language and Literature, remarked, “Due to the long distances on campus, many students have started using electric scooters. While it's a convenient mode of transportation, there's a significant risk of accidents when riding on roads. If the campus shuttle bus is reintroduced, it could ease these concerns and make it easier for students to commute.”

When asked about opinions regarding the route and schedule arrangement for the bus service, Lee Eun- soo suggested, “It would be great to have a route that passes through the dormitories. Since many students reside in the dorms, improving accessibility to areas like the main entrance or the engineering building would be beneficial.” Additionally, she added, “Regarding the timing, most students would prefer a schedule before 9:00 AM when the first class begins. Rushing to travel long distances early in the morning is the most burdensome.” Kim Hee- tae, reflecting on his past experiences using the shuttle bus, emphasized the importance of implementing safety measures if the shuttle bus were to be reintroduced. “While the open design is nice, I hope safety issues are thoroughly addressed. Since the seating is open, even though the bus operates at low speeds, it's essential to have safety measures in place to ensure passengers' safety.”

Thus, while there has been positive feedback from both students and graduates regarding the shuttle bus services resumption, there are also concerns and areas for improvement being discussed. Despite several attempts in recent years to reintroduce shuttle bus services on campus, there has been no progress to date. This year, all eyes are on whether we will once again see the shuttle buses. We support the activation of shuttle bus service for a more convenient campus commute for students at CWNU.

By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter  hozejunior@naver.com

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