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Roles of CWNU in Disappearing Areas and Youths
  • By Seo Ji-min, cub-reporter
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▲ CWNU Lincplus Logo (Source: CWNU Waggle)

According to the continuing low birth rate, aging, and population concentration in the capital area, the under-localization phenomenon of the region has emerged as a national problem. Changwon City could also be at risk because the under-localization phenomenon of the region is no longer a problem just for cities that have been selected as dangerous areas. Japan, which had been troubled by the same problem in the past, selected Himeji City in the Harima area, a dangerous area, as a central city with a population of more than 200,000. Additionally, they formed a network with the nearby areas of Himeji City after compacting its infrastructure and administrative functions. With the establishment of a linked central urban area, the total population of the Himeji area has exceeded 1.3 million, and a vibrant social economy is still maintained to this day. If we adopt the idea of the above-mentioned Japanese policy, an integrated Changwon City, with a population of a million, would be able to serve as the center of compaction and connection. If so, what efforts do CWNU, the only national university in Changwon, need to make for Changwon to become a central city?

CWNU executes projects where youths can contribute to local community development, in consideration of regional and educational characteristics, and strives for a better industry-academic cooperation infrastructure. Through the program sharing of CWNU’s Human and Material Resources with Corporates, CWNU has been contributing to cultivating customized human resources for corporations and communities. It is being actively resolved through, ‘CWNU Lincplus.’ CWNU Lincplus has conducted the student-led urban regeneration project. Changwon and CWNU are in mutual cooperation between the regional government and university for regional development and urban renewal.

Then, what are the main activities of CWNU Lincplus? For the regional community development, CWNU Lincplus forged an, ‘Online Platform,’ for revitalizing traditional markets and local businesses with Gyeongnam Integrated Center for Social Economy, the Market Merchants’ Association in Bansong, Changwon. It enabled three stages of cooperation among professors, citizens, and youths, by establishing cooperatives with youth delivery service providers. Additionally, they work diligently to develop the program for real advancement in Industry-University Collaboration, based on the social and economic impact index, called, 'Value Creation Compared to Input.' They have offered the youths various opportunities, who will play a pivotal role in regional development, to solve the regional problem, which will become a win-win scenario. For example, by revitalizing the foundation sector, which they provide to enrolled students. Capstone Design subjects that can receive thoughtful knowledge, such as financial support, space, manpower, start-up courses, and more. It shows an achievement rate of about 120% in all sectors of the program being conducted by CWNU Lincplus.

Furthermore, CWNU Lincplus does not only provide support at the academic level, but also helps students grow active qualifications as local talent. Arisen from the foundation club led by CWNU Lincplus, the projects are to be the center of creating regional development that is being produced every year, and it has made positive results. In 2018, the CWNU Foundation club BENEW(eight people including Han Hyo-il) received the excellence award regarding inventing a local specific product, which used the local culture and characteristics of Changwon. In 2021, the club was selected as a project support club in the, Gyeongnam CKL Start-up Incubating Support Project.’ HW food(five people including Kim Hyun-woo) won a popularity award participating in Local Issues Research Group, after inventing Korean and Japanese snack items in 2022. Every year, with that club, the youths and CWNU students, present creative ideas for Gyeongsangnam-do, to expand the region’s future horizon beyond Changwon. To develop the region, the youths have a tremendous influence. Therefore, in the midst of developing Changwon, CWNU, the only national university in Changwon, plays an integral role.

CWNU has done several activities that can contribute to regional development as a central city, including CWNU Lincplus. Gyeongsangnam-do Regional Innovation Platform supports regional innovation activities centering on regional universities. Through cultivating major talent in Changwon, this can contribute to keeping the region’s population from decline, by preventing the population concentration phenomenon. Changwon City is also in cooperation with CWNU moving forward as a central city. Since CWNU students have achieved excellent results through CWNU Lincplus, it’s expected that the future region and youths, led by CWNU, will coexist.

News-gathering: Jung In-hee, reporter and Kim Na-young, Park Seong-eun, cub-reporters

By Seo Ji-min, cub-reporter  jmseo1215@naver.com

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