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Eating alone isn’t strange anymore
Eating alone isn’t strange anymoreYou can see a lot of people eating alone these days. However, in Korea it has been a v...
By Seo Su-jin, editor-in-chief  |  2017-04-05 19:49
Special education making Jewish people great
Jews rose from the dead with a big power to move the world even though they wandered without a country for more than 2 t...
By Seo Su-jin, editor-in-chief  |  2016-11-10 00:22
Donations: a small step to change the world
What does donating mean to you? I define it this way: Making the world better with my small hand.When I was young, I use...
Seo Su-jin, editor-in-chief  |  2016-09-27 10:46
I was a diligent editor-in-chief
I was an earnest cub-reporter. I was eager to find out unique stories to write on. I submitted the articles on time. I w...
Seo Su-jin,editor-in-chief  |  2016-09-05 10:59
Just apply, and experience!
 Many students hesitate to participate in extracurricular activities like volunteering or world explorer programs, ...
Yuju Oh  |  2016-03-02 19:27
About Responsibility through the Film “The Big Short”
A few days ago, I watched a movie titled “The Big short”. It’s a movie based on a true story, which is about the so-call...
Seong Jaeho  |  2016-03-02 19:26
The relations between Kidult and Growing
The term "Kidult" is made by combining "kid" and "adult". It means a so-called grown-up who still cherishes and seeks se...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2015-11-23 21:28
Make every moment an opportunity
Why does your hair hang over your face? To make sure people can grasp me ea...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2015-11-09 15:29
The sky and our lives
"Every earthling I know is busy and doesn't have enough time to look at the...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2015-10-26 18:25
Media and its dangerous ability
People can make a story easily with just some basic clues. If the story is repeated, we tend to take it as fact. Media u...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2015-10-12 15:54
The Power of Empathy
Empathy : The ability to share another person's feelings and emotions as if...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2015-08-31 18:35
The Power of Empathy
Empathy : The ability to share another person's feelings and emotions as if...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2015-08-31 16:48
Start Praising Yourself
It's a tough world. People are pressed for time and busy enduring endless competition. The things that one can receive f...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2015-05-26 18:34
About the wall of prejudice
A few weeks ago, a post was registered on the free board of Waagle, the portal site of CWNU. It was about the sign attac...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2015-05-11 20:43
Face the Sewol Disaster
Since April 16th, 2014, many things have happened. Leaving 9 people missing...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2015-04-13 19:40
Think Outside the Box
'A larva is generated naturally from rubbish'Surprisingly, people thought like this for 2,000 years. Besides, people usu...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2015-03-30 18:21
The Real Self-Management
"I don't like chubby people because they look careless to their management."A few years ago, a famous singer talked like...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2015-03-16 18:59
New Start with the Campus Journal
Hello, everyone. I am the new editor-in-chief of the Campus Journal for 2015. Now, my heart is all aflutter with excitem...
Jeong Won-kyeong  |  2015-03-02 18:18
To the readers
From the moment The Campus Journal was launched in October 1987, people knew it would be special. Today, we published th...
Jung Hwan-su  |  2014-11-17 21:09
Shame on you!
These photos show our school last Sunday, October 26th, very well, and I have witnessed these scenes every semester for ...
Jung Hwan-su  |  2014-11-03 18:23
오늘의 주요뉴스
From Changwon to the World, Overseas Employment Project
[CWNU Story]
From Changwon to the World, Ov...
Bus Route Changes and Increased Transportation Costs, Burden Grows for Citizens and Students
[Campus News]
Bus Route Changes and Increase...
Releasing Radioactive Wastewater from Fukushima: Is It a Safe Choice?
[Social & Issue]
Releasing Radioactive Wastewat...
Legal Gender Correction Possible Without Surgery; Simplifying Sex Change
[Social & Issue]
Legal Gender Correction Possib...
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