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A leader
A leader I have been a leader of various clubs for university students. But these experiences left much to be desir...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-11-26 14:33
Graduating class,that most joyful grade in college
I would unhesitatingly choose now which is my happiest time in college. Actually, senior year is a lonely grade because ...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-11-12 20:43
My dream
I want to tell you my personal story in this issue. This is about my dream. When I was a freshman, I started to write a ...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-10-29 20:08
Inferiority complex
  What is the thought that most causes you to feel bad about yourself? Is it that you don't know a lot of things, o...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-10-02 15:57
Is it safe to walk the streets alone at night?
What's the answer for this question? If you say "Yes", you must be a man.Nowadays we hear a lot of news about sexual cri...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-09-17 20:54
Welcome to the New Campus Journal!
The second semester of 2012 has begun! Did you have a good time during your vacation? Maybe most students’ answer would ...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-09-03 19:39
What is your color?
Recently, we voted in the general election. As you know, there was a little controversy about a Filipino woman who becam...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-05-07 19:04
Have I been studying English for 14 years?
English... now I'm a college senior, and have been studying English for 14 years, since third grade elementary school. S...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-04-16 17:23
You Have a True Friend?
 Lately, relationships between friends have lots of problems of outcasts and violence etc. It has become the most i...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-04-02 20:03
My heart is fluttering caused by spring
Spring arrived before I felt it, and it is already in the air. There is a gentle breeze and flower buds are appearing. I...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-03-19 13:17
A Better Newspaper
Hello everyone!! I am the new editor-in-chief of the English newspaper in 2012. I am so excited to publish my first news...
Kim Gyeong-ah  |  2012-03-05 16:06
The most valuable time for me
No. 157 issue of The Campus Journal is the last issue for this semester. It is also the last one for me. First of all, t...
Ryu Seung-bong  |  2011-12-05 18:21
Is “Noblesse Oblige” feasible?
In the last issue, I wrote about “Occupy Wall Street”. Now, their slogan, “We are the 99 percent”, has been used in Kore...
Ryu Seung-bong  |  2011-11-07 18:18
Global capitalism is being challenged.
If you are interested in political and economic news, you have encountered reports about “Occupy Wall Street.” Occupy Wa...
Ryu Seung-bong  |  2011-10-24 18:18
Please consider others
 Korea is trapped in a “Dogani,” due to the popular film with this title. The film depicts an incident based on the...
Ryu Seung-bong  |  2011-10-10 18:18
Beware of the financial crisis!
 I encountered a news article entitled ‘Obama Tax Plan Would Ask More of Millionaires’ in the September 17th New Yo...
Ryu Seung-bong  |  2011-09-26 18:15
The first incorporation of a national university to be launched
 In Korea, the first incorporation of a national university will be launched at Seoul National University (SNU) in ...
Ryu Seung-Bong  |  2011-09-14 11:29
Tips for spending your vacation productively
 Vacation is over, and the new semester begins. The campus is full of energy, joy, and renewal that a vacation prov...
Ryu Seung-bong  |  2011-08-29 14:06
Larry King’s speech asks people to look back on human values.
 Larry King, who was an outstanding TV talk show host, gave the keynote address at ‘Seoul Digital Forum 2011’. His ...
Ryu Seung-bong  |  2011-06-07 16:34
What are the criteria of infringement of privacy?
The divorce suit of Seo Tai-ji, one of most famous singers in Korea, and E Ji-ah, the TV actress, has heated up South Ko...
Ryu Seung-Bong  |  2011-05-09 14:08
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Toward Space: 'Artemis'
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