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Make every moment an opportunity
  • Jeong Won-kyeong
  • 승인 2015.11.09 15:29
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The picture of Kalros, God of opportunity

Why does your hair hang over your face? To make sure people can grasp me easily.And why, in Heaven's name, is the back of your head bald? To make sure no one can grasp me, once I have passed by. Lastly, why you have a pair of wings on your feet? To disappear in front of their eyes. What is your name? My name is 'Opportunity'.

This epigram was written by the poet Posidippus and was carved onto the statue of Kairos. Kairos is one of the Greek gods. He can easily be seized by the hair hanging over his face when he is arriving. However, once he has passed by, no one can grasp him, due to the back of his head being bald. The moment of action is gone with his hair: a neglected occasion cannot be recovered.

Every day, we make our own decisions. Enough time is needed to worry about things from small decisions such as what clothes will you put on today and what will you eat for lunch... to critical decisions...

In my case, I always hesitate to decide. I am a cautious person at best, but I am also an irresolute person. The problem is that occasions pass by very quickly while I am considering between advantages and damages. After missing some opportunities, I regretted that I lost the chance to catch 'Kairos' while I was thinking. So now I try to grasp opportunities as soon as possible, without thinking too deeply. After changing my attitude, I could seize some good chances.

The most important thing is that you have to be ready before grasping the chances. Because if your condition is close to zero, it will only be opportunity foregone.

In other words, you need to banish wordly thoughts from your mind and become a prepared person who can use the opportunity well.

Hurry up or you will miss chances!

By Jeong Won-kyeong, Chief Editor

Jeong Won-kyeong  msjwk9497@naver.com

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