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Face the Sewol Disaster
  • Jeong Won-kyeong
  • 승인 2015.04.13 19:40
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Since April 16th, 2014, many things have happened. Leaving 9 people missing, the Sewol ferry sank with 304 people. Only 174 people survived from the disaster. We are witnesses and also survivors because we saw the disaster through media. Many people announced that they will not 'keep still' and have stormed society and the nation with unanswered questions.

After the Sewol ferry tragedy, Korean society had to think not only about the proper roles of the media and the nation but also an appropriate civic attitude. Although investigating the truth is the most important thing, it is yet to be done. How could that old ferry sail on the sea, when was the last chance to rescue casualties, how did people miss the chance, and how have things improved? I am not even the bereaved family, yet I have many questions. What about how the bereaved families feel?

On April 2nd, at Gwanghwamun Plaza, the grieving families tonsured their heads in protest against the government’s announcement of a determined compensation standard for victims. The families argued that the right thing to do before the upcoming first anniversary of the disaster is not to compensate but to investigate the truth and to completely collect the missing people through the salvage of the ship. Regarding this news, some people say sings like, "Please stop talking about Sewol ferry. Isn't it boring?" How can it be possible to feel bored when your child is dead? The word 'boring' may hurt the bereaved families’ hearts. We are the people who have a responsibility to console them.

The reason why we have to talk about Sewol ferry is not to remove certain political power groups, but rather to safely protect ourselves. It is the problem to be investigated for our safety. No matter how painful it feels, we must face Sewol.

Jeong Won-kyeong  msjwk9497@naver.com

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