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Guardians of Safety at CWNU: Campus Police
  • By Kim Min-seong, reporter
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▲ Opening ceremony of CWNU Campus Police (Source: Provided by the CWNU Campus Police)

On the 4th, the 40th Student Council of CWNU held the opening ceremony for the first cohort of 'Campus Police' at CWNU's Sarim Student Hall. The Campus Police of CWNU is an organization established to assist students in directly contributing to safety activities both on and off- campus through collaboration with the Changwon Jungbu Police Station. Students who are participating in the Campus Police program will conduct inspections within the campus and environmental improvement checks throughout the semester, with plans to intensify efforts in building a 'Safe Community' and activating a 'Smart Policing Platform.' 'Safe Community' aims to foster communication and collaboration between police and residents to prevent crime and create a safe environment. 'Smart Policing Platform' refers to a system that utilizes complex data to provide tailored responses for crime prevention and protection of vulnerable members of society by civilian, government, and law enforcement cooperation. To gain further insight into the future activities of the Campus Police, an interview was conducted with Kim Dong- wook, the Director of External Relations at the General Students' Association.

Q. Hello. Could you please introduce yourself.

Kim: Hello. I'm Kim Dong- wook, a student from the Global Business Department, and I'm scheduled to be inaugurated as the Director of External Relations of the 40th 'Won' General Students' Association.

Q. What kind of organization is the Campus Police?

Kim: The Campus Police is an organization established to maintain safety and order within the university campus. Primarily, we aim to ensure the safety of students and faculty within the campus through a cooperative system with local police, allowing everyone to study and live without worries of their safety.

Q. What is the purpose of establishing the Campus Police?

Kim: It was established to protect students from threats they may encounter during university life and to address safety issues on campus and in the surrounding area. Additionally, we believe that if students actively participate in Campus Police activities to contribute to safety activities on campus, it can foster a spirit of volunteerism and serve as a learning opportunity.

Q. What activities does the Campus Police engage in?

Kim: The Campus Police held its opening ceremony on the 4th. Therefore, we are not actively engaged in activities yet, but we are planning to start full- fledged activities beginning in May. We plan to conduct illegal camera inspections to eradicate sexual violence crimes within the university, improve campus Personal Mobility (PM) driving culture based on police- university community security, joint patrols on and off- campus, and campaigns to eliminate traffic violations.

Q. It is known that the Campus Police also operates outside the campus. What tasks do they mainly undertake outside the campus grounds?

Kim: We plan to conduct joint patrols in off- campus residential areas, women's safe paths, and redevelopment areas to carry out anticipative crime prevention activities.

Q. How are the members of the Campus Police structured?

Kim: The members of the Campus Police were selected from current CWNU students. We recruited applicants from March 18th to 24th, and 10 outstanding candidates were selected.

Q. Lastly, if you have any aspirations for future activities, please share them.

Kim: As this is the first Campus Police activity at CWNU, we will strive to establish a foundation for future activities so that the organization can continue to serve future generations. Furthermore, we hope that through this activity, the Campus Police will grow into a larger organization, engage in volunteer activities for students, and contribute to the development of CWNU.

CWNU is actively committed to ensuring the safety of its members by establishing organizations such as the Campus Police. Lieutenant Ahn Jun- hyung of the Crime Prevention Bureau at Changwon Jungbu Police Station expressed his position on the opening ceremony of the CWNU Campus Police, stating, "We will continue to make efforts to create a safe campus environment and engage in the Smart Policing Platform for crime prevention in the local community through collaboration with the university." Such efforts by CWNU will not only contribute to the safety of Changwon but will also help build a positive relationship between the university and the local community.

By Kim Min-seong, reporter  kms9494274@gmail.com

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