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Leaping Towards Space Power: CWNU's Aerospace Campus Establishment Becomes Visible
  • By Jung-hyun, editor-in-chief
  • 승인 2024.04.15 00:01
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▲ President Park Min-won of CWNU and Mayor Park Dong-sik of Sacheon-si are taking pictures together after discussing the establishment of the Aerospace Campus on March 20th (Source: Provided by CWNU)

With the official opening of the Korea AeroSpace Administration (KASA) in Sacheon- si, Gyeongsangnam- do on May 27th, it was announced that CWNU and Sacheon- si will jointly promote the establishment of the “CWNU Aerospace Campus.” The establishment of the Korea AeroSpace Administration is one of the strategies for South Korea to join the ranks of international space powers. Therefore, Sacheon, a city equipped with aerospace industry infrastructure, was chosen as the ideal location. The Korea AeroSpace Administration will serve as a control tower at the national level, focusing on capabilities and resources in the aerospace sector. Add to this, the “CWNU Aerospace Campus” plan is expected to cultivate highly qualified talent in the region and promote the development of the aerospace industry, bringing new changes to Gyeongsangnam- do. On November 14, 2023, Sacheon- si and CWNU entered into cooperation in aerospace education, research, and talent cultivation.

Furthermore, Mayor Park Dong- sik of Sacheon- si and President Park Min- won of CWNU held a meeting at Sacheon City Hall on March 20th to explore cooperation for the “CWNU Aerospace Campus.” At the meeting, President Park Min- won presented a proposal for establishing the aerospace campus, and Sacheon- si expressed its willingness to cooperate and welcomed the initiative. Mayor Park Dong- sik, who has a keen interest in regional development, was particularly enthusiastic about the proposal. He has been actively seeking to attract campuses from various universities, including Gyeongsang National University. As a result of the meeting, the aerospace campus is planned to be established on the site of the old Sacheon Air Force Base in Sacheon- eup, Sacheon- si. In addition, according to the campus establishment plan presented by President Park Min- won, the campus is expected to accommodate 50 Ph.D. students, 100 master's students, 400 undergraduate students in Aerospace Engineering, 20 professors, and 30 researchers. Mayor Park Dong- sik said, "If the attraction of the aerospace campus becomes concrete, there is no problem in securing the site because there is already more than 40,000㎡ of municipal land available for the campus."

In April, the two institutions will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish the aerospace campus. It aims to enhance the technological development capabilities of the local industry through industry- academic cooperation projects with companies in Sacheon- si and to actively expand employment opportunities for students. President Park Min- won stated, "We want to actively promote industry- academic cooperation projects with companies in Sacheon- si to solve practical industrial technology problems and support joint research and development projects." Mayor Park Dong- sik emphasized, "With the opening of the Korea AeroSpace Administration, a big picture will be completed where industry, academia, and research coexist in connection with the aerospace complex city."

As part of these efforts, the plan to establish the, “CWNU Aerospace Campus,” holds significant meaning in various aspects. Sacheon- si will be able to solidify its position as a hub for the aerospace industry, and CWNU will have the opportunity to strengthen its research capabilities in the field of aerospace. It is also expected to promote the development of the university through cooperation and friendly rivals with related departments of other national universities in the vicinity and contribute significantly to the revitalization of the local economy and the cultivation of talent. The Korea AeroSpace Administration is already receiving considerable attention with its 16:1 job competition ratio. In this context, the establishment of the “CWNU Aerospace Campus,” is expected to provide a higher quality of local talent with opportunities for growth.

CWNU and Sacheon- si have agreed to discuss more specific details next month. Both institutions plan to establish concrete plans for the aerospace campus as soon as possible and accelerate the progress of the project. The establishment of the “CWNU Aerospace Campus,” is already considered a done deal, and plans have reached a significant level of detail. If the vision for CWNU's campus is successfully realized and contributes to the development of Sacheon- si as an aerospace industry city, it would be a great benefit for the region. As this cooperation is being regarded as an exemplary case of Sacheon- si and CWNU working together for the construction of an aerospace complex city and sustainable development, it is hoped that more attention and support will continue in the future.

By Jung-hyun, editor-in-chief  jhgongju0903@gmail.com

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