UPDATE : 2017.10.17 Tue 09:26
Poor condition of weight rooms on campus
There are four weight rooms in our university located in the gym, Dongbaekgwan, and in the basements of Dormitory 3 and 7. However, the student weight rooms are far from being of satisfactory quality.
Cafe of Five Colors to make campus area more colorful
Many students visit cafes in front of our school whenever they are free. Among the cafes, there is a famous one cafe because of the staff kindness, good service and quality taste. It is ‘OSAEK’.Q. Hel
CWNU nursing students get jobs at Hyundai Asan Medical Center
How many graduates can get a job immediately after graduation? And how many students are going to choose the right major for themselves? Everyone knows it's not easy to get a job these days. Also,
Block-chain security technology, will it change the paradigm of security?
Recently, people’s interest in block-chain security technology is growing. People believe that it could be the key to solving many problems that occur during trading tran
A blogger at our own CWNU with over a million views
Almost everyone may have made a blog. There are many people who run blogs, but there are few who steadily keep up with t
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