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Everything You Need to Know About The Campus Journal
The Campus Journal has a mission to accurately report on the news, information, and opinions relevant to CWNU and its students in English. Other CWNU news sources include the Korean newspaper, ‘Changw
Local CWNU Stores Struggle in the Face of COVID-19
CWNU announced that it would hold remote lectures during the first semester of 2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The number of students on campus has dropped significantly as the majority of sch
Rogue Camp, A Space Where Artistic Dreams Become Reality
Rogue Camp is an alternative space located in front of the back gate of Changwon National University. The alternative space is a small non-profit managed by artists for artists. The alternative space
Opinions on the Successes and Failures of Face-to-Face Classes
Changwon National University has decided to hold remote classes for the entirety of 2020’s 1st semester. Most class lectures are held remotely, with some of the lectures being conducted in-person on a
The Concerning Consequences of Hong Kong's National Security Bill
▲ May 24, 2020 Hong Kong citizens' demonstration against the enactment of the Hong Kong National Security Bill in do
The Importance of Petiquette
10 million people currently own pets in Korea. As single-person households become more common in the modern era, the number of pet owners has also increased. This could b
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