UPDATE : 2021.3.1 Mon 16:06
5th Graduation Exhibition of The Department of Culture & Technology Held Online
The Department of Culture & Technology chose to hold an online exhibition in light of the rapidly changing coronavirus situation. With the unprecedented pandemic crisis, graduation exhibitions are tak
Wrapping Up 2020: The Story of the International Student Council
The second semester of 2020 is coming to an end. It was a year when COVID-19 had a large impact on university life and daily life. However, even in difficult circumstances, all the students of Changwo
Corona Blue Project, Easy and Fast Career Guidance
Changwon National University held a special festival from November 23 to November 28 to promote student counseling, career opportunities, and job searching services. The festival was called ‘Corona Bl
Development of COVID-19 Vaccines During an Ongoing Pandemic
A third wave of COVID-19 infections is spreading throughout Korea. As the spread continues in common spaces such as schools, academies, and other small social gatherings, collective rates of infection
Having Children Outside of Marriage: Sayuri Sparks Discourse in Korea
Sayuri, a Japanese citizen and a TV celebrity in Korea, announced that she had given birth to a baby in Japan on Novembe
Youth Centers Offer Valuable Support for Youth
The Gyeonsangnam-do Youth Center, ‘Youthonna’, is a center which offers youth support services, such as help with job-searching, starting a business, finding residence, c
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