UPDATE : 2017.11.15 Wed 20:52
Poor condition of weight rooms on campus
There are four weight rooms in our university located in the gym, Dongbaekgwan, and in the basements of Dormitory 3 and 7. However, the student weight rooms are far from being of satisfactory quality.
The heated debate contest of four universities held at Changwon University
On November 3, while the entire campus felt somewhat cold and empty after students left by twos and threes following the end of the exam period, NH Hall in the College of Liberal Arts was full of heat
Mukhang, a club to break the preconceptions about eastern calligraphy
What do you think about eastern calligraphy? When many people think of this, they recall many things such as difficult Chinese characters and the letters used by old scholars. They also remember how d
A Nation that forgets its past has no future
Germany and Japan are apart on history awareness
▲ The difference between two countries’ perspective of historyAfter World War I, Germany was undergoing a difficult political and economic situation as a defeated nation. Thus, Adolf Hitler came to po
Bonjour la France
When you think of France, what first comes to your mind? Paris and the Eiffel Tower? Louis Vuitton or Chanel? The Louvre Museum? France, of course, is famous for its luxu
Varying exam dates severely inconveniencing dormitory students
Students at CWNU took midterm exams for the second semester earlier this month. During exam periods, the university dorm
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