UPDATE : 2022.5.30 Mon 12:18
We Only Have 7 YEARS and 72 DAYS Left: SDGs Climate Doomsday Clock
The 11th of this month, SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Climate Doomsday Clock was unveiled in front of CWNU Dormitory Administration Building, across the Cheongwoonji, known as a local attractio
Cheongwadae, Opened Up
On May 10th, Yoon Suk Yeol was inaugurated as President and Cheongwadae was in a display of National Arms because we're now in the Yongsan era. Cheongwadae was the Presidential residence, located
Dr. Oh Eun-young's "Etiquette" Campaign Controversy
On the 9th, the Committee on Low Birthrate and Aging Society posted a video titled, 'Tell your child: “it's okay!” (Etiquette Campaign)'. The video starred Dr. Oh Eun-young of the Departme
Early Childhood Education Department of CWNU Holds ESD Festival with Baby Toads in Cheongwoonji
Changwon University's Department of Early Childhood Education announced on the 12th, that it held the Infant ESD Festival, with Cheongwoonji Baby Toad. The ESD Festival is an event organized by Ch
 Korean Culture Experience for International Students
Changwon University International Exchange Education Center, is an education center established for domestic and foreign
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