UPDATE : 2021.11.29 Mon 09:12
The First Human Rights Forum of Gyeongsangnam-do Will Be Held at CWNU
Human rights, the most basic rights, which must be ensured as a human being, prior to all laws. Human history has undergone many difficulties to acquire the right to live as a human, so that many peop
What Does The Campus Journal Mean to Us?
My journalist life for the past two years will remain the most meaningful memory of my college life. I am so proud that The Campus Journal has faithfully served as a school newspaper by delivering new
CWNU: Held the 2021 Online Daedongje
From November 10th to 11th, the Daedongje of Changwon National University was successfully held. Daedongje is a festival of CWNU. It has created unforgettable memories for students through various pro
Changwon University Human Resources Development Center to Support Students’ Healthy Growth
We are always at a crossroads in our lives. However, we don't know what the consequences of our choices will be. Therefore, we continue to worry. At the end of the second semester, some people are
Professor Yoo Jin-Sang of the Department of Architecture Achieved 100 Blood Donations
There are many ways to save people’s lives in the world. Among the ways, there is a particularly easy way for us to go o
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