UPDATE : 2021.9.13 Mon 09:01
Changwon University Human Rights Center Holds 2021 Gender Equality Content Contest
A human rights and gender equality content contest, hosted by the Human Rights Center of Changwon University’s National University Promotion Project, is under way. The contest will provide a place for
Changwon University is Selected as a General Financial Support University
The Ministry of Education and the Korea Educational Development Institute, announced the results of the 2021 Basic Competence Diagnosis on August 17, after deliberation by the University Structural Re
CWNU Holds the Awards Ceremony for Outstanding Lecturers in the First Semester of 2021
On August 24, Changwon National University selected 38, "Outstanding Lecturers," for the first semester of 2021. It held an awards ceremony through the online platform, ZOOM, to encourage lecturers wh
Autumn Leaves Colored Our Thoughts: Reading Colored Our Hearts
The hot summer that greeted us with the sound of cicadas has passed. Autumn is approaching with the cool wind. People often refer to fall as the, 'season of reading'. Why is autumn called the
One Stinging Shot Against COVID-19: What to Expect After Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine?
Amid the second wave of COVID-19, vaccination began on Aug. 26 for people aged 18 to 49 (i.e. those who were born betwee
CWNU Cooperates to Overcome Covid-19 Crisis by Utilizing Vacant Dormitory as a Residential Treatment Center
Residential Treatment Centers (RTC) for quarantine and treatment of minor and asymptomatic Covid-19 infected patients have been in operation since the first wave of the C
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