UPDATE : 2020.6.1 Mon 09:15
Changwon National University Maker-Agit Receives Acclaim for Annual Evaluation
▲ Inside of Changwon National University Maker-Agit (Licenses: Ministry of SMEs and Startups 'Starting the Korean Maker Movement, Make All' )On May 7, 2020, a performance evaluation of the "20
The Amazing World of Table Tennis at Changwon University!
On May 7th, Changwon University's Table Tennis Team won the Best Group Award at the 2019 ‘A Man Regular Merit Commendation Ceremony’ of the Korea Table Tennis Association held at the Olympic Parkt
CWNU Taking Steps to Gradually Open School Facilities
The operation of facilities in the university including the central library, the information and computer center, and the dormitories were discontinued because of COVID-19. As social distancing is bec
The Reasons Why Reshoring Policy Cannot Succeed in Korea at This Time
Reshoring is a policy that brings domestic manufacturing companies that have entered overseas markets back to Korea. Rec
A Rush for Chanel: Why Are People So Excited About Luxury Goods?
On May 14th, when the French luxury brand Chanel announced its price increase, a rush for Chanel products took place in department stores across the country. People lined
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