UPDATE : 2023.3.13 Mon 02:14
The CWNU Entrance Ceremony Held In 2023
On Thursday, the 2nd of this month, at 10 a.m., the 2023 CWNU Entrance Ceremony was held at the auditorium on the first floor of the Global Lifelong Learning Center_(The Building 98). Until last year,
Shimonoseki Trial and Unended Herstory
On February 15, a special exhibition, "Shimonoseki Trial and the Unended Herstory," opened at the Jo Hyeon- uk Art Hall located inside CWNU Museum. The exhibition focused on the life of the late Kim M
Textbooks to Go Digital in 2025: Concerns Are Growing
On February 23, the Ministry of Education announced a 'Digital- Based Education Innovation Plan,' that digital textbooks for Korean schools will go into use, starting in 2025. It will begin wi
School Violence - ‘The Glory’ & Jeong Sun-Shin’s Abusive Son
The Netflix drama, ‘The Glory,’ which features the story of Moon Dong- eun, a victim of school violence in the past and now taking revenge on the assailants, is popular both at home and abroad. ‘The G
Do You Know the Meaning of, ‘Small Luxury’?
The consumption trend called, ‘Small Luxury,’ is in vogue within the MZ Generation, which refers to young people of toda
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