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New Start with the Campus Journal
  • Jeong Won-kyeong
  • 승인 2015.03.02 18:18
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Hello, everyone. I am the new editor-in-chief of the Campus Journal for 2015. Now, my heart is all aflutter with excitement in anticipation for meeting the readers as editor of the paper. It is quite different than when I was a reporter. During the winter vacation, we continuously discussed ideas to make a better newspaper. We are resolved to do our utmost to pay attention to not only the contents of articles but also the quality of articles. In addition, we will prioritize the readers when we choose what we write. As a result of discussions, there is a slight difference from the papers published last year.

Here are some of the changes we have made.

- Notice(Page 1)

This section is for encouraging students to participate in programs run by CWNU. It will inform you of the activities at the all departments of CWNU like the Language Education Center, the Human Resource Development Center, and the International Affairs. The earlier you read this section, the better.

- Words(Page 2)

If you have any unfamiliar words when you read articles, this section can help you to read articles easier.

- Introduce(Page 5)

Although employment of Korean university graduates is becoming more aggressive, most of Korean youths prefer to work in major companies. However, there are a lot of small and medium-sized firms which have nice welfare systems and are considered competitive. We will introduce them with content based on Ministry of Employment and Labor data. You can discover excellent small and medium firms from this section.

Also, we will introduce a variety of cultures in the world. There will be a novelty when you read diverse cultures and life styles in this section.

It is the new start of a semester. Take the first step with us. Also, we hope you can feel that the Campus Journal is the most useful and interesting newspaper. Read on!

by Jeong Won-kyeong, editor-in-chief

Jeong Won-kyeong  -

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