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Just apply, and experience!

Many students hesitate to participate in extracurricular activities like volunteering or world explorer programs, even though they want to. At first, I also hesitated to participate in them. These days, many enterprises and institutions require some specifications even if they are just holding some activities, not a job interview. Of course many freshmen and some sophomores and juniors, don’t have many specs.

When you are applying to some program, you don’t need many things than you thought. Just appeal your will and your sincerity about the program. After doing a program, it would be your another spec, and be your step-stone to apply another program.

There are so many activities that university students do, I highly recommend the school activities. CWNU has many departments and institutions. They try to confer a benefit to as many students as they can, because they are the school’s institution. Also, less competitiveness is a good point. Many extracurricular activities have high competitiveness because many students from various universities apply to the activities.

There are various kinds of school activities. First, there are some programs that help CWNU student’s studies. There are some mentoring programs that help students’ major studies or improve specific subjects, education programs that many students make some synergy effect, and language programs that enhance students’ language ability. Second, the most popular, and recording the highest competition are programs that can go abroad. From volunteering programs that do volunteering in South-East Asia to Overseas cultural exploration programs that allow travel with other students. So, many explorer programs are popular. Many business units like LINC, ACE, and also many major business units are trying hard to help CWNU students.

There are many opportunities to experience good things. I recommend you that pay attention to many programs in school, apply, and experience!

Yuju Oh  msjwk9497@naver.com

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