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The relations between Kidult and Growing
  • Jeong Won-kyeong
  • 승인 2015.11.23 21:28
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The term "Kidult" is made by combining "kid" and "adult". It means a so-called grown-up who still cherishes and seeks sensibility of children.

They used to be referred to as having “Peter Pan syndrome”, which means people who are not responsible and always want to be protected. On the other hand, “Kidult” has a positive meaning for people who maintain kids' sensibilities in the back of their minds while living in the hard-hearted world. They prefer childish and funny things instead serious problems. Recently, the Kidult trend is popular after being on the rise of a positive opinion that living as a kidult helps to relax emotions and to relieve stress. Many companies create services and products aiming for kidults, like so-called "children's" stuff for entertainment, like cartoons, toys, comic books, etc.

Nowadays, I think I am one of the kidults. Rather than being interested in toys, I can feel the gap between a kid who is inside of me and the me who acts like an adult. I worry that I grow old only on the outside although there is still a child inside of me.

Let's imagine that there is a situation choosing only one side between 'What I really want to do' and 'I must do something that I don't want to do'. When we were young, we tended to set up a standard in our own mind. On the other hand, as we are growing up, we can take a look around and think the results and effects are caused by our choices. These days, at first, I thought that 'Aw, who does things I don't want to do these days?' However, after a while, I have realized, “Oh, I have to choose things that I have to do although I don't want to, because I am an adult.”

In my case, I was really preoccupied what is 'true' in my appearance between adult and kid.

After long and deep consideration, I found my own conclusion. Worrying is also a part of growing up. Everyone feels the pain of growing. Don't worry if you can't find your true appearance among kids, kidults, and adults. No flower is blooming without agitation. After enjoying your life whether you are a kidult or an adult, you can find out that you have become a true adult.

Jeong Won-kyeong  -

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