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New Semester, New Look: Opening of the College of Humanities Building
  • By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter
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▲ The College of Humanities Building has completed its two-year remodeling project and reopened anew

On February 20th, a Grand Opening Ceremony was held to unveil the renovated College of Humanities Building (Building 11). At the opening ceremony, attended by Acting President Eo Yun and including Dean Heo Cheol- gu of the College of Humanities, faculty, and students, a ceremony was held to unveil the new signboard of the College of Humanities, celebrating the successful reopening. The College of Humanities Building, constructed in 1983, underwent remodeling starting in 2022 to improve and expand the aging facilities. After two years, all remodeling projects were completed. As the new semester begins, we explored how the renovated College of Humanities Building, back in the embrace of humanities students once again, differs from its pre- remodeled state and what new facilities have been added.

The remodeling project received government funding for its progress. There has been a significant change in the layout of facilities within the building, with the facilities that were previously scattered throughout the building now separated into the Faculty Research Wing and the Lecture Wing. To optimize space utilization, the Faculty Research Wing, located on the east side of the building, has been arranged with departmental rooms on the first floor, department offices on the second floor, and faculty research offices on the third and fourth floors. The Lecture Wing now features cultural studies lecture rooms on the first and second floors, while major lecture rooms are located on the third and fourth floors, completely altering the previous layout. Lee Eun- ji, a Department of Japanese Language & Literature student, expressed through an interview, “With the remodeling, the facilities are now intuitively arranged, making it easier to navigate. Although the previous layout may have been more familiar, I believe we’ll adapt quickly.” She showed a positive attitude towards the reorganization of internal facilities.

The building underwent not only a reorganization of its facilities but also a significant transformation in its appearance. The exterior has been changed from the original red brick to a brighter stone finish, while the interior painting, corridors, and doors have also been adjusted to match the overall atmosphere of the building. Lee Eun- ji mentioned, “Previously, the building seemed aged, but now, with the brighter colors both inside and out, and overall cleanliness, the atmosphere has significantly improved.” Another student, Lee Hyun- joo from the Department of Early Childhood Education also remarked, “After the remodeling, with the change in color of the building, there’s an overall brighter and more vibrant feeling.” Students have shown a positive response to the changed appearance following the remodeling.

The newly added facilities and amenities also have garnered significant enthusiasm from the students. On the first floor, an open- style study cafe has been established, while the second floor now features a ‘Can- D Zone,’ providing students with efficient learning spaces. When asked about the most satisfying facility, Lee Hyun- joo responded, “I’m most satisfied with the Can- D Zone. Thanks to the Can- D Zone, I can study freely even during breaks between classes, and I plan to actively utilize this space during exam periods as well.” New facilities have also been installed in lecture rooms and student lounges. Lee Hyun- joo expressed positive feedback regarding the lecture room facilities, stating, “The installation of electronic whiteboards in the lecture rooms has greatly improved the study environment.” Additionally, Goh Tae- young from the Department of English Language & Literature mentioned, “I’m pleased with the new TV installed in the student lounge. It was inconvenient not having the student lounge for the past two years due to using temporary buildings. I plan to use it frequently for rest during breaks between classes.”

While the newly renovated College of Humanities Building has received positive feedback from students, our reporter also visited the College of Humanities in person to explore the new facilities. As revealed through interviews with students at the College of Humanities, the renovated lecture rooms, student lounges, and the Can- D Zone have transformed the Humanities Building into a space where students can enjoy both efficient studying and relaxation compared to the previous facilities. As we welcome the new semester in the newly renovated building, we hope that humanities students will dedicate themselves even more to their studies and campus life, and that the College of Humanities Building will become a space where students' dreams can unfold.

By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter  hozejunior@naver.com

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