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Scholarship for Competency Top Talent, How Much Do You Know?
  • By Son Yu-jeong, cub-reporter
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▲ Image of scholarships (Source: Edujin)

On January 22 of this year, the Education Performance Management Center of the Educational Innovation Center of CWNU, announced the results of the selection of Competency Top Talent for the 2023 student performance certification. The scholarship for Competency Top Talent is to select and provide scholarships to those who excel in competency development and activities in connection with the student performance certification system (core competency certification system, non- curriculum certification system) in order to foster self- directed talent with core competencies. The selection criteria include undergraduate students who must have completed at least 6 credits in the previous semester and achieved a grade point average of at least 2.5.

In addition, it is essential to participate in the performance diagnosis (core competency diagnosis) conducted in the current year. The selection process includes determining non- curriculum mileage through non- curriculum competency score calculation > selection of scholarship recipients for Competency Top Talent > application for the scholarship for Competency Top Talent through Edream System > payment of scholarship. To apply for the scholarship for Competency Top Talent, you can enter the portfolio menu on the Edream website, select the non- curriculum certification menu, and click on the scholarship for Competency Top Talent (application).

The scholarship for Competency Top Talent is divided into two types: ‘competency development type’ and ‘competency activity excellence type.’ The competency development type provides scholarships of 100,000 won to students who have accumulated more than 60 in non- curriculum competency scores since March 1, 2018. The type can be received only once during enrollment, and it cannot be received concurrently with the competency activity excellence type in the same year. Next, the competency activity excellence type provides scholarships ranging from a minimum of 200,000 won to a maximum of 400,000 won to students who have excellent non- curriculum competency scores for the current year for the total score, competency, and college categories.

It is essential to accumulate a total of 60 or more in the non- curriculum competency scores in the current year, and the mileage accumulated after the scholarship evaluation for Competency Top Talent in the previous year is reflected. How to calculate the non- curriculum competency score is to multiply the non- curriculum mileage by the rate reflecting the five core competencies. The non- curriculum mileage refers to the mileage obtained through participation in non- curriculum certification programs, calculated as one mileage per hour. The core competency reflection rate refers to the rate reflecting the five core competencies of non- curriculum certification programs. More details were heard through interviews with students selected as Competency Top Talent in competency activity excellence type.

Q. Please introduce yourself.

No: I am No Hui- jeong, a fourth- year student majoring in International Trade at CWNU, class of 2025.

Q. What type of scholarship were you selected for for the Competency Top Talent?

No: I was selected as the competency activity excellence type (total score).

Q. What motivated you to participate in the non- curriculum programs?

No: Due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, I couldn't attend university in my freshman year. This led me to frequently explore Edream and Dream Catch on CWNU Waagle.

Q. What is the most memorable of the non- curriculum programs you participated in?

No: I remember long- term programs more than short- term ones. This year, I especially remember the experience of working with supporters. I worked with the 'Human Rights Guard Supporters' and 'All Together Supporters.'

Q. Are there any non- curriculum programs you would like to recommend to freshmen this year?

No: I recommend the programs operated by the International Affairs the most. For example, there are one- to- one programs, competency- up programs, etc.

Q. What was the most impressive experience you could have gained through participation in the non- curriculum programs?

No: What I remember most is meeting different people. I tend to be sincere in my activities, and the most significant advantage is that I can meet people similar to me.

Q. Please give some advice to current students on how to be selected as a scholarship student with Competency Top Talent.

No: I believe that if you actively participate in non- curriculum programs, you will naturally be able to earn the title of, ‘Scholarship Student with Competence Top Talent.’ I sincerely support your activities.

Based on this year's activities, scholarships will be provided next year by selecting Competency Top Talents for the 2024 school year. If you visit the Dream Catch website of CWNU and the Edream website of CWNU, you can see that there are various non- curriculum programs. I hope that many students will participate in the program and challenge the Competency Top Talent. It will be possible to develop individual competencies and even receive scholarships for Competency Top Talent. More information can be found on the Edream website of CWNU > my page > non- curriculum certification > Scholarship for Competency Top Talent. For inquiries, please contact the Education Performance Management Center of Education Innovation Institute (213- 2668, CWNU Waagle message wlduds82).

By Son Yu-jeong, cub-reporter  ujeong0202@naver.com

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