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Center Gives Helping Hand to Female StudentsInterview with Kim Min-soon, team leader of the Women's Career Development Center
  • Jeong Won-kyeong
  • 승인 2013.10.28 18:39
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At CWNU, there are many programs for female students, such as job counseling, aptitude tests, personality tests, and lectures by seniors concerning employment. The programs are greatly helpful to female students. But why are these programs only for female students? I found the answer by interviewing a team leader for the Female Student Career Development center (W.C.D.C.) who introduces programs to female students, Kim Min-soon.

Reporter: Would you introduce yourself, and your role as a team leader of the W.C.D.C.?
Kim: I direct the work of the center. I worked in the Human Resource Development Center for 9 years. In September of 2012, I moved to the W.C.D.C. I usually do counseling work. I help students who are having a hard time due to problems about employment, sexual harassment, and sexual violence. I also make budget applications to City Hall and the Ministry of Family and Gender Equality.

Reporter: Could you tell me about the W.C.D.C.?
Kim: The W.C.D.C was founded in 2003. Last year in September, the center became more active, and now belongs to the Human Resource Development Center. The center develops many helpful programs for female college students. The programs are personalized, which means the center tries to provide one to one services. For example, a student who lacks confidence or has personal problems, needs aptitude tests or personal counseling first, not job counseling. We treat each problem individually.

Reporter: Why was the W.C.D.C founded, since there are similar programs in the Human Resource Development Center?
Kim: First, I should talk about male preference. It still exists in Korean minds. Female students do care what their parents think. Because of this social phenomenon and relations of other people, female students get frustrated and lose confidence. It appears in employment rate statistics. At CWNU, for example, the employment rate of male students is 15% higher than that of female students, despite female students scoring higher on entrance exams, and outnumbering male students. The statistics show the need for the center to look into problems that only female students have, and apply solutions to these problems. The Human Resource Development Center holds programs for everyone, and the W.C.D.C attacks fundamental problems that only female students have, and adds employment programs.

Reporter: There are many programs offered in November. Could you recommend one program to our readers?
Kim: I recommend a program called 'A Journey to Find Myself'. It will be held on November 2nd, 9th, and 16th. It is a program that offers collective counseling using tools like tarot cards and art therapy. It will help you to find your 'real' self.

Reporter: Thank you for your helpful answers. Are there any last words you would like to add?
Kim: Many people don't understand the need for programs or centers for female students. I hope to change that perception, along with my teammates. And I hope female students will have confidence and compete fairly with male students when elections are held for team leaders or representatives. Don't be satisfied with the current situation.

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