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Do you know a Green Umbrella Child Fund?

Q: Tell us about a Green Umbrella Child Fund.
A: Christian Children Fund is started to help the South Korea children by the USA missionary in 1948. After Korea has economic growth, domestic business was named Korea Child Fund did. The government wanted to support not only children but everyone. So, its name changed Korea Welfare Foundation. To find identify of fund, its name is Child Fund in 2008. The reason why missing Korea named is to help children in the world in addition to Korea. Now, we support domestic children under 12 years. We supported 80% of the domestic children and 20% of the overseas children and foreign children are becoming increasingly.
Green Umbrella is our brand. Green means hope and is named color of the children. Umbrella means protection. If you have umbrella upside down, it is full of potholes. It means love and attention of adult for the children. This name used, because, umbrella outspread, children have adult’s love and can spread the dream.

Q: Why are Gyeongnam public relations finally made of?
A: Our foundation has very low awareness. Because the character of the corporation is quite. As the word “Don’t let your right hand know how your left hand is helping others.” We worked very quiet. But, now non-profit organization too promote. We hope that many people know our foundation well. So, we promote round students.
I was in Daegu until last year and come in Changwon this year. I know that Daegu is proceeding five times already. We made Gyeongnam public relations for promoting our foundation to citizens in Changwon. We start slower than other region but it continues steadily.

Q: Not long ago, this fund made an agreement with CWNU. What is the miracle of being 1004 and why did you make an agreement with CWNU?
A: The miracle of being 1004 is symbolic. It is campaign for recruiting 1004 mentor sponsors beloved children. This campaign is to help children having a dream.
We offered to the CWNU president for the many citizens to be able to participate, socially influential and respected in our region who participate in this campaign.
Personality is important to live for the world. I think that where education realized is the university and people can get the mind looking around more than anything in the competitive world. So, we made an agreement with CWNU.

Q: Is there a special reason the miracle of being 1004 named?
A: It is a symbolic mean. Campaign name is generally abstract like a smile to children. So, we want to have clearer mean. Also, we hope that it has the goal we want to go. The goal is to recruit over 1004 supporters. So, the miracle of being 1004 is our goal and recruits someone to be guardian angel for children.

Q: Speak to the people reading this.
A: I feel the society seem to be getting increasingly prosaic. Whether sponsorship or volunteer, it is not for others and greater joys return to you. There are many people who sponsored during 2~30 years consistently. It is hard to have a mind. The people did whatever knows. When they did thing, how greater joy come.
We need individual’s attention, as little things together to make a large stream. Even if the world is harsh, we hope that people feels afford to have a mind that can share the love. People look at us with an open mind.

Lim Guk-jin  -

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