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Flapping Your Wings, A Trip In Search of EnergyInterview with Jeong Mi-na(10), Department of Chemical Engineering
Q. How were you selected for this special program? Do you have any tips for juniors to prepare for it?
A.We applied for the Winter Overseas Cultural Visit supported by CWNU. The reason that we could be selected from among many teams is that Siemens, a global electric and electronic business, prepared some programs for us. So, we were more competitive than any other team.
And we want to teach you some tips for achieving your dream. First, don’t miss opportunities that are hosted by CWNU. In Waagle, the CWNU portal, many more opportunities and chances exist than you would expect. Second, being close to older alumni from the same department is important because they know a lot of practical information about achieving your dreams. Finally, all of this are started by your passion and desire for your dream.

Q. What is the main purpose of the trip?
A. The main purpose of our team’s trip was to visit a business that is fusing many industries together. We wanted to see and feel the industry fusion field, because most businesses realize that only one industry’s development has obvious limitations. So, by visiting the U.S.A., one of the centers of the industrial world, we could explore examples of industry fusion and map out our vision.

Q.What did you realize during the trip?
A.We realized that there are some differences between Korean and American culture. In comparison with Koreans, Americans are kind, open minded, and friendly. In the street, most Americans would help very generously, like a close friend.
We saw mostly employees at work in global businesses. As opposed to businesses in Korea, those in America have good wellness facilities. We realized wellness facilities can help develop business due to increased morale.
A. Through this trip, we realized English is necessary for an overseas trip. We had thought we could use body language to communicate, but that proved to be difficult. So, we decided to study English conversation and culture for our next trip.
Q.How has the trip influenced your life?
A. The reason we could visit Siemens during this trip was that the employment program hosted by CWNU in 2012 brought us together with the Siemens’ team leader accidentally. At that point, we also didn’t know that this was a good chance for us. Through this visit, we had invaluable experiences, as well as realizing things about our future, and gaining confidence for the challenge.
We also thought about communication during the trip. In America, English is necessary to communicate, but we also realized that there are more important things. These include kindness, attention, and consideration. Whenever we said something to Americans, they listened carefully though we were not skilled in English speaking. Because of those attention, we didn’t lose confidence in communicating.

Q.How would this experience influence your future self in 10 years?
A. Ten years from now, maybe we will work in business. At that time, we want to make our team’s atmosphere fun and free. By so doing, the social connection among employees and the efficiency of work will improve. That is a good direction for all business members.

Q. Who was the most memorable person you met during the trip?
A. The most memorable people were Rohini and Max. They attended the Siemens graduate program where graduates can experience working life, social life, and have an overseas posting. We thought this was a good chance for graduates because graduates have not had enough opportunities to experience business culture. Through this opportunity, many graduates can choose their future, whether in business or not. We wish to attend such a program after graduation.

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