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Chaorum, CWNU Ambassador OrganizationInterview with An So-yeon, Chaorum third group member.
Do you know Chaorum? It is CWNU’s ambassador organization. CWNU students do not know Chaorum well, so let’s learn about what Chaorum does. We had an interview with An So-yeon, Chaorum third group member.

Reporter: What does Chaorum mean?
So-yeon: It is a Korean native word. It means development.
Reporter: What made you choose Chaorum?
So-yeon: When I was a high school student, a Chaorum ambassador group came to my school. When I saw them, and I thought that I want to participate in Chaorum. So I applied to a Chaorum institution because I wanted the students there to apply for my school.
Reporter: What Chaorum does?
So-yeon: We explain to students who are worrying about which university they will attend, how to apply to CWNU. Also, we show the way to students who visit our school. In November, there is a university entrance examination fair. We go there and publicize our school. Sometimes, we have a school interview. Have you ever seen our school pamphlet or the CWNU video clip? We shoot photos and we assist in school events or visitors to CWNU.
Reporter: What do you think are the positive points of Chaorum?
So-yeon: It is good for meeting many people. It is rewarding when people notice my school. When I went to the entrance examination fair, students asked me about CWNU. I felt really great when I answered their questions. That means they may apply to our school due to my speech or image. Also, we know lots of school information. We receive a scholarship or get the benefit of an exchange student. We have priority for living in the dormitory. And we can join external events.
Reporter: Does Chaorum help your feature?
So-yeon: I think yes. There is a conference of Korean student ambassadors. We can attend that. If we go there, we can meet many different people and experience the bigger world. And Chaorum helps when we apply for a job. It helps us when we do a job interview. For example, our Chaorum students are now a stewardess and an employee of Kyong-nam Bank. They said working for Chaorum helped in their interviews.Reporter: Do you think there are any negative aspects of Chaorum?
So-yeon: No, there is no negative part. We just don’t do any independent activity because Chaorum is a group which belongs to CWNU. We can’t work at a part-time job during the semester. But, this doesn’t seem like a liability to us, because we have a scholarship. When we wear the uniform, there are a lot of limitations. For example, we must be always made-up, we cannot let down our hair, we must put on black shoes and so on. The reason why is because the work of Chaorum is to represent CWNU. I think it is natural to be dressed up as a representative of CWNU, so it is not a bad thing.
Reporter: What is the qualifying condition to join Chaorum?
So-yeon: There are no qualifying conditions. There are even no conditions on grades. Chaorum picks up students who have a student-like image. As we do the interview, you get to feel affection about our university.
Reporter: Finally, is there something you would like to say to CWNU students?
So-yeon: Although we select members of Chaorum every year, the application rate is low. I want many more students to have an interest about Chaorum, CWNU’s honorary ambassador organization. More outsiders than CWNU students recognize Chaorum! While we are wearing the Chaorum uniform, students look strangely at us. Please don’t do that! Now, you know what Chaorum is. In fact, many CWNU students have an interest and think positively about Chaorum.

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