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A Mother’s Story

An old saying has it that "A good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters." Every mom is dear to our hearts. But do you know when your mom feels the most stressful? And how much do you know about your mother?
Our mothers have been through a lot. I had an interview with a mother who is a housewife. I was prepared to hear a mother’s story. I hope that a lot of people are sympathetic to this interview.
Q) Can you briefly introduce yourself?
A) My name is Kim Young-ae. I am 57-years-old, and also a housewife with a 22-year-old son. I like to cook. When someone eats food that I prepared, it makes me very happy.
Q) You have a university student son, how do you feel?
A) First of all, I worry a lot about my son’s future. University life is the first step into society. It is very important. So, I hope my son is well prepared to be a good member of society. Nowadays, university students drink too much. So does my son. Alcohol is part of the whole university experience. I know. But it is not good for one’s health. So I worry when my son comes home late. I always think the worst.
Q) What do you want from your son?
A) I hope that my son amounts to something when he enters into society. On reflection, it seems to me that I was unkind to my son. So I’m so sorry. I want my son to be happy, and fulfill his dream, and come home early. My son comes home late because of assignments and appointments. After all, there's no place like home.
Q) What do you remember about raising your son?
A) There are numerous memories. Walking for the first time, enrolling my son in elementary school, receiving a perfect score for the first time on an exam, graduating from high school, receiving the first gift that my son paid for with his own money. And above all, when my son entered CWNU. I said to my son, “You are a grown-up now.” My son gave me a hug, “I love you. Thank you, Mom” That moment was the best moment of my life.
Q) University tuitions can cause problems. What do you think as a parent?
A) Tuition costs too much. CWNU’s tuition is lower than other universities, but if my son attended another university, it would have been difficult to afford. The nation should give to those who need it, and must provide more financial support.
Q) Finally, is there anything you want to say?
A) All mothers have hardships. I want to say this: “It may be a hard time, but all mothers should cheer up. Everything comes to those who wait.” Thank you.

by Kim Jun-hyeok, cub-reporter

Kim Jun-hyeok  powersoft3@naver.com

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