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Baseball club, TYPHOONInterview with Kim Dong-kuk, team leader of the baseball club, TYPHOO
TYPHOON is a volunteer CWNU student baseball club. Recently, a united team of students and graduates won a game. So, we had an interview with Kim Dong-kuk, TYPHOON team leader.

Reporter: Why did you decide to make the baseball club, TYPHOON?
Kim: Our team has been active since the club was founded in 1981. The primary purpose of our team is for students who like baseball to gather and develop their skills through practice. We are playing baseball in the spirit of team cooperation, and a sense of familial friendship forms. We also have an annual game with Yeongnam teams during every sum mer vacation and promote friendship with other universities.

Reporter: You did a signature campaign about the founding of Baseball Park. Please tell us more about Baseball Park and how to use it.
Kim: Currently, the university does not manage our own ballpark. If it were founded, our school would manage the ballpark. In case any society teams want to use it, they should contact the school. As for our club team, we would only use it on the weekend because we practice on weekends. The ballpark could be used for field days or baseball classes.
Actually, there was the ballpark near the new library until 2009. But when the new library was built, the ballpark disappeared. The school made a promise to build a ballpark; however, the school still does not take any action. So, we did a signature campaign last semester.

Reporter: Recently, your team won a game. How are the games organized, and how did your team work together during that game?
Kim: In Changwon, society baseball teams are divided into six leagues. The best of 64 baseball teams participate and progress to a final tournament. Our team won all our games until the semi-final. We got a point in the final, but we were very nervous to turn a point. However, we got three points with two out, so we won the game safely.
We have a good relationship between students and graduates. Our graduates work in a society baseball team also named TYPHOON. After every league season ends, we go to MT together. Graduates visit our MT and we build our relationship there. So, our game team work was great.

Reporter: What’s next for the school’s baseball club, TYPHOON?
Kim: The most important problem is the ballpark foundation. After the new library was built, we practiced on the ROTC grounds area. But, there are very big and thick stones in this area. We could not practice well. I hope that the school comes to a decision soon about the ballpark.

Reporter: Anything more you’d like to say about TYPHOON?
Kim: Our doors are always open. Senior-junior relationships are very good. Also, there are two women in our club. So, women who are interested in baseball should join! We are in the Room 101 of Stand Club. My phone number is 010-4066-2889. You can call me any time.
We have many graduates in the society baseball team. If you play baseball after you graduate, you could join the society baseball team. So, welcome to our baseball team, TYPHOON!

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