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VROOM! VROOM! Head for DREAMinterview with Lim Sung-Geun of AK, Kim Jin-Su of SKID
  • Jeong Won-kyeong
  • 승인 2013.09.02 21:15
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There were once two boys who liked to play with toy cars. When they became university students, they started designing and manufacturing vehicles by themselves. I interviewed Lim Sung-Geun(Dept. of Mechanical Engineering) and Kim Jin-Su(Dept. of Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering).
Jeong: Would you please introduce yourself and the students' vehicle clubs?
Lim(AK): I am a team leader of AK(Automotive Kinematics), which is our department’s club. For the 2013 Baja SAE KOREA Competition at Yeungnam University, we ranked 5th. In addition, we won awards for parts of pulling capacity and acceleration.
Kim(SKID): I am a team leader of SKID. SKID is the acronym for Superior Kart of Ideal Design. Like AK, SKID is our department’s club. In the competition, we ranked 6th and got an excellence award for our research paper.
Lim&Kim: Our clubs were founded by people with a lot of interest and passion in vehicles and who have participated in clubs.
Jeong: Would you explain Baja SAE KOREA to the readers?
Lim: In Baja SAE KOREA, vehicles that students designed and manufactured are evaluated by a referee. They are judged based upon whether vehicles are designed and manufactured in accordance with manufacturing-vehicle rules and how safe they are. The evaluated categories are brake, acceleration, pulling capacity, mobility, and durability.
Jeong: Is there any competitive spirit between AK and SKID?
Kim: If I say that AK and SKID are not rivals, it is a lie. But I think it is competition in good faith. We help each other and learn. I sometimes feel AK is a reliable companion.
Lim: In fact, when I was in the competition, I was relieved by the fact that SKID was from CWNU, too!
Jeong: What did you learn in the competition?
Lim & Kim: We were pleased watching the progress in the car which was completed by us. And as team leaders, we were satisfied with our teammates’ development in finding solutions to manufacturing problems together.
Jeong: What do you think is your strong point when you try to get projects?
Lim: I have challenged things spontaneously, and I think the recordings of my challenges are my strong point. I heard that Hyundai tends to employ students from clubs like us. They seek people who live with fervor. I am sure that I am that kind of person.
Kim: I think my strong point is that I have working experience, unlike other students who have studied only books.
Jeong: Do you have any last words for your teammates or the readers?
Lim: I'm not a magnanimous leader. Because of that, there were some conflicts of opinion between my teammates and me at first. But after the initial conflicts, we got along with each other. I appreciate my teammates for trusting me and following me.
Kim: My teammates and I were grateful to meet each other and become a team. Our clubs are always open! So, we hope to meet new faces too.

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