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Make your thoughts realityInterview with Baek Gwon-cheol, the leader of ‘Mobile-x’

Many young people are getting ready to start their own businesses. The government has also expanded its support programs for them. CWNU manages the LINC Business Establishment program. I met the leader of 'Mobile-x', to find out how this program opens futures both creatively and lucratively.

Q. Would you introduce yourself and the LINC Business Establishment Group?

Baek: I am Baek Gwon-cheol, from the Department of Information & Communication Engineering. Last year, I was the leader of team 'Mobile-x'. And the CWNU LINC Business Establishment Group is for anybody who is interested in starting their own business. To begin, one can make a team with others who have the same goal, and draw out a business plan. The examiners will evaluate the potential of your project.

Q. How did you come up with your business idea?

Baek: We came up with a technical function that reads certain textures automatically if you press a button. For example, if I press a button, then the program will speak. This technology that helps people who cannot speak is called AAC(Augmentative and Alternative Communication). That's why we named the application 'Try talk'. We hope this application can help students who need special support.

Q. When was your happiest moment during the project?

Baek: Seeing my work completed was so exciting. I did not have great confidence when the work began. However, at the end, I realized we were good enough to make it work. This confidence is the greatest reward. Q. How did you overcome any difficulties?

Baek: Difficulties were everywhere, from creating ideas to presenting the results. Nevertheless, our team always worked together. All members participated during every discussion. We faced many obstacles, but the project never stopped.

Q. What did you learn from the project?

Baek: I learned a lot about the leadership needed to combine all the talents of our team members. I needed to make them a family, so that they could use their skills on the project. And my speech skills improved amazingly. At first, I was afraid of giving presentations. Now, I am good at public speaking. These all are skills I improved over the course of the project.

Q. Do you have any other further plans in business?

Baek: It is impossible to begin a business with just an application. I need to make numerous applications to establish a business. I will help Mobile-x in another project. This year, Mobile-x is going to create totally different cool functions. I will assist them as much as I can.

Q. Would you give some tips to building a good team?

Baek: It is important to know the team’s capabilities. If you try something beyond your abilities, you might get tired and give up. Selecting the right project is the most significant job. It is also better to make a team with people who have the same goals. You can succeed when you work with dreamers.

Q. I wonder what attitudes students must have.

Baek: A project requires responsibility and earnestness. Teamwork is important, as well as following dates and schedules. In addition, a good understanding and skills are needed.

Q. What would you like to say to the next volunteers?

Baek: It is never too late. The most important thing is not to give up, even though it is difficult at first. You should think a lot about what you want to make and how you can succeed. You should regard yourself as an owner of a small business and be responsible.

Jo Wook-rae  -

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