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Jang-dok Jajang: Chinese restaurant in front of CWNUNo.1 in Sales, and has not Changed in more than 10 Years

If you are CWNU student who knows all, you know about Jang-dok Jajang. It is the top ranking Chinese food place for sales in front of CWNU. For Chinese food delivery, many students order from Jang-dok Jajang. The reasons are: 10% discount (group order), taste, and speed. Among these reasons, the most important is speed. Some university students’ continuous classes do not allow enough time to eat, even at lunchtime. When you order Jang-dok Jajang, it is delivered within 5 minutes, so it is possible to eat quickly. I discovered the secret to the taste and quickness of delivery through an interview with the owner

Reporter : First, please explain Jang-dok Jajang’s simple philosophy.
Owner : As a Chinese specialty store, we provide all kinds of Chinese food such as jajangmyeon, jjamppong, stir-fried jjamppong, sweet and sour pork, etc. Our first focus is on speed. However, we never absentmindedly make food and also try not to make it too expensive.

Reporter : Did you have a large store from the very beginning?
Owner : No. We were never a typical Chinese restaurant. More than 80% of our customers have always been CWNU students because our business is right in front of campus. Therefore, we always made it our effort to provide delicious meals and good service. It is similar to the idea of giving to my children. Student’s time is always short, so we try to deliver as quickly as possible. So far, this has worked out well

Reporter : When students make an order, delivery comes within 5 minutes. Tell us the secret of this quick delivery service!
Owner : The most important is having many delivery men. Students place lots of orders, especially on weekdays at lunchtime. So, we have 5~6 delivery men to make continuous deliveries and preparations for our jajangmyeon and jjamppong. For sure, the foods do not last long because we already know the average hourly orders and make just enough food for that time. So, we usually deliver as soon as the food is cooked. If you are making food in this way, and you have enough delivery men, delivery seems to be possible within 5 minutes. We always strive to improve our speed and taste, and provide the best services at all times to students of CWNU and other consumers.

Reporter : If you order and eat in the store, is the taste exactly the same?
Ower : Well, good flavor and freshness of the food in the store is better than delivery food. And if you eat in our store, we give dumpling to you! So before the customers’ meals, we reduce the number of bored mouths to feed.

Reporter : Your store’s popularity will probably continue on. What are your plans for the future?
Owner : There is no specific plan. Just, we thank the students of CWNU and other consumers. I always strive to create service which is both delicious and abundant, while maintaining quickness, and to provide results even more satisfying than Jang-dok Jajang is right now. Thank you!

Kwon Ji-un  -

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