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The 31st National College Table Tennis Federation Champion

CWNU's Kim Gyeong-sik (Dept. of Physical Education, 4) won the 31st National College table tennis federation competition. The final match was held at Cheongyang gymnasium in Chung-cheong-nam-do. Kim Gyeong-sik met Kim Seong-won (Inha University), winning the match 3 to 1 for the gold medal.
Meanwhile, the women’s and men’s teams from CWNU won second place and third place, respectively, in the team event at the same competition.
Q: You have won the singles competition at the 31st National College Table Tennis Federation championship; please say a few words about the win.
Kim: The is my second win. I couldn't express in words how I felt when I won, but I was really pleased. I was a little confused and did not realize what had happened; however I began to realize it when I heard messages of congratulation from acquaintances and family. The 31st National College Table Tennis Federation venue was my hometown, so I felt really proud of being so fortunate to win for the city's name.
Q: To win, how much do you have to practice and manage your training?
Kim: Table tennis is athletic, so I refrain from alcohol. Before a match, I never drink alcohol for at least one week. I ate good food and got enough sleep for health and condition management, and to have the best condition for the match. The amount of practice is 4 hours at day at the gymnasium.
An important part of practicing is the process of matching myself against different table tennis clubs, because if I practice only with the same opponent, I get used to that one opponent. Therefore, we leave the gym for practice games with different table tennis clubs sometimes. Among them the most illustrious was Changwon Namsan High School. Their ability was very good, so the practice was very helpful even though they are high school students. Therefore, they can be hugely influential people for competitors.
Finally, I have combined Jogging, crouch and jump, sit-up etc. with table tennis practice.
Q: In this match, what was the focal point for victory? Do you have your own special strategy?
Kim: No focal points or special strategy. But I played mostly defending against my opponent’s attack and making surprise counter drives. So I got in the form of a counter attack to score, and finally I won. Counter attacking can cause mistakes while defending, but I was lucky in this match. This competition's final game was difficult, but this strategy brought victory.
Q: Please speak to your junior students.
Kim: Our CWNU table tennis club is not formally established, and is a newly-established club. Therefore we participate in competition by professors' permission, and we lack a lot of support. But we grew in poor surroundings as a strong team that improved with hardship and effort from everybody. Please juniors, continue the strong presence of CWNU's table tennis team, and if you refrain from alcohol and playing around, you will be able to do it.
Q: What are your plans for the future?
Kim: After graduating, I am going to the army because I still haven't gone to the army. In table tennis life, military service is a stumbling block, but I think that a man should have to go to the army, and I will fulfill my military duty.
After that, I will become a physical education instructor. Nowadays, physical education instructors' development has created a lot of occupations in leisure.

Kwon Ji-un  -

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