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Learning About the ‘Chang-E Ban’ ProgramInterview with Kim Seok-chan, the chief professor of the Department of Mathematics

The enrance ceremony of ‘Chang-E Ban’ was held at the Natural Sciences building on March 17th. Most students don’t know what ‘Chang-E Ban’ is. I met the chief professor, Kim Seok-chan from the Department of Mathematics, who explained the program.

Q. What is ‘Chang-E Ban’ exactly?

A. It is a CWNU creativity development program for 13-16 year-old neglected students from low-income or multicultural families in Changwon. We provide them with transportation fees, meals, snacks, and all expenses. There are also university student mentors who provide practical and humanistic education for the students of ‘Chang-E Ban’.

Q. What do they mostly learn?

A. We teach mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry bi-weekly on Saturdays. There are 6 classes: basic math, basic science, intensive basic classes, intermediary math, intermediary science, and intensive intermediary classes. The university student mentors also try to help the students emotionally.

Q. Are there any activities besides math and science?

A. There are science movies, special lectures by scientists, and trips to science museums and aquariums. Last year, we saw a 3D movie at CGV, visited the national science museum in Daegu, and had fun at E world, which is an amusement park in Daegu. We also visit the Goseung Dinosaur Expo and museum every year.

Q. I think there would be many applicants. How are students selected?

A. We give them science and math written tests and individual interviews in December to select new students for admission. There are written tests for each grade, and we observe student’s personalities during the interviews.

Q. You are a professor in the Department of Mathematics. Why are you the chief professor in ‘Chang-E Ban’?

A. I received a request to establish an education center for neglected students. I founded the ‘Chang-E Ban’ Education Center with other professors in the College of Natural Science by making use of my experience. I had once founded the CWNU Science Education Center that other professors now run.

Q. Is there something special you have to do as chief professor?

A. I make all the education programs with other professors, check how the practice goes, and help mentors and teaching assistants do their work, through educational guidance. It is important to prepare an education that young students can understand. Other professors and I always try to nourish students’ hopes with dreams at home and at school.

Q. What are the benefits of this program?

A. It is important that CWNU, as a national university in the province, has volunteer programs that not only teach university students. Local children need to plan their futures. Also, the university students who are teaching assistants and mentors can practice teaching children with a little pay. It will also be helpful to them.

Q. Are there any operating differences between last year and this year?

A. We are trying to change the process of selecting students so that North Korean defectors can also apply for the ‘Chang-E Ban’.

Q. Do you want to say something to students who entered this year?

A. You may feel awkward on an unfamiliar campus at first, but I hope you study math and science, have some conversations with me and your mentors, and design your dreams and talk about your dreams with each other. It is difficult, but we can overcome all obstacles. Let’s close this year well!

Kim Du-ram  -

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