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CWNU’s Cultural Center, Dramatic Art Research GroupInterview with Kim Gyeong-min, a member of Dramatic Art Research Group

Recently, the play “I Love You,” was performed in Bongrim Student Center. If you didn’t see it, you may have at least seen the poster. The play received a lot of praise from many people. I interviewed a member of the Dramatic Art Research Group(D.A.R.G), who hosted this production.

Repoter: Hi, nice to meet you! First, could you briefly introduce yourself and the Dramatic Art Research Group?
Kim: Hi. Nice to meet you, too. My name is Kim Gyeong-min and I major in history. The Dramatic Art Research Group is a center-club at CWNU. We research dramatic art, such as plays, musicals, and so on. And, we perform plays and musicals directly. Anyone who joins us can participate in performances.

Reporter: What is it about being in a play that you find so appealing?
Kim: I think it is great that so many different people work hard together to perform in a play. However hard I work alone, the play isn’t completed. Everyone should come together as a whole to perform a play. And, being in a play helps me find my new side. I had to act as many characters in plays. So, I could discover another side of me that I never knew. It was amazing. Before I joined the club, it was confusing standing in front of many people. But, now I’m far from it. Lastly, the curtain call is a big reason why I’m addicted to plays.

Repoter: What was the most rewarding moment of your play?
Kim: I had a scene that I had to speak alone. I spoke in undertones while suddenly talking loudly. At that moment, the hall became as silent as death and all the audience focused on me. It was a moment I will never forget. I felt alive and like being the center of the world.

Repoter: What kind of difficulties do you have in practicing performance?
Kim: As you can see, our clubroom is very small. So, we should rent an appropriate place to rehearse. But, it is very hard because many people want to rent the space, too. We even rehearsed outside and in Bongrim plaza! And, we have difficulty in preparing props and costumes because the support that we have is limited. Also, we spent no small time preparing the props and costumes.

Repoter: Isn’t being in a play disruptive to your studies?
Kim: It is true that we spend a lot of time on rehearsing. We spend most of our time to prepare for a performance. Our performance is arranged to coincide with the examination period. Most people will think if they do a play, their school grades will go down. But, I think people differ from individual to individual. My grades went up after beginning to act in plays. Because I always didn't have enough time I used my time more economically. Also, I could better concentrate on classes than before. I think I did what I really want to do and experienced much. I don’t regret it at all.

Repoter: Any last words you would like to share?
Kim: We hope to be with more people. Expressions of interest are welcome at any time. And there are some people who did some damage to our posters. I think such acts are unacceptable and must be stamped out. Lastly, we will call again with a better performance in December. Thank you!

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