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Three Successful Candidates in the Dep. of Nursing

I met three mentors of successful applicants in the Department of Nursing, Koh Ju-won was accepted at the Seoul Asan Medical Center, Kim Na-yeon at Seoul Samsung Hospital, and Kim Bo-mi at the Busan National University Hospital.

Q. What made you want to be a nurse?
Ju-won : I wanted to learn about our bodies, and take care of people. That’s why I wanted to be a nurse. I think nursing is a very attractive job, because nurses keep vigil beside patients.
Na-yeon : I don’t care about salary. My dream is doing what I want. My happiness comes from nursing people.
Bo-mi : I enjoyed doing volunteer work, and I wanted to be a person who helps sick people. I think it is the only job that specializes in self-sacrificing work.

Q. What kind of a nurse do you want to
Ju-won : I hope to be a nurse who works well and is acknowledged by others. Also, I want to have a very good relationship with my patients.
Na-yeon : A nurse who is an avid careerist. I will work with passion and pride. I hope to be a good communicator with patients.
Bo-mi : I want to be a person who makes people respect every word I say.

Q. What was the hardest part of the clinical training?
Ju-won : Communication with patients was the hardest. Applying things that we learned in school was also difficult. I worried so much about the condition of the patients.
Na-Yeon : We had to stand for a long time. It was physically stressful. Also, I wanted to help people more, but I couldn’t because I hadn’t learned everything yet.
Bo-mi : There were some differences between what we learned and the clinic training. It was also hard to decide how to cope with certain situations.
Q. Do you have any tips for getting a
Ju-won : There are many differences between hospitals. Some give more weight to exams, but others don’t. I prepared more for exams than interviews.
Na-yeon : As Koh Ju-won said, there are many different exams. We have to study a lot. I memorized some categories of exams. And in the interview, it is very important to remember to keep smiling, and don’t outwardly show that you are nervous.
Bo-mi : I also prepare for the exams. And I sometimes contacted professors to get feedback. It helped me a lot. Get close with your professors!

Q. You guys are the first graduates in
the department. How was school life?
Ju-won: Everything was a whirlwind. We had to make our way ourselves.
Na-yeon : That’s right. When we were freshmen, we didn’t know about university life, because there weren’t any mentors. To make matters worse, the department of nursing was also newly established. But as we got over the hard period with friends, we got closer and closer with each other. We became best friends.
Bo-mi : There wasn’t a room for students in the department of Nursing, and there weren’t any lockers. But university life was fun!

Q. Finally, is there anything you want
to say to CWNU students?
Ju-won : I would like to say to participate in department life and to participate in as many programs as you can. It is good to socialize with various people because a nurse’s job involves meeting a lot of people, and it is important to communicate, especially in times of emergency. There will be times when you are upset, so you have to practice how to stay calm.
Na-yeon : Get good grades. Be persistent in your work because I have studied for 4 years, but there is still so much information that I don’t know. I thought it would be a serious matter during the clinical training.
Bo-mi : You have to be ready for all situations. If you are ready, good opportunities will come you way. Go, Nursing!

Kim Du-ram  -

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