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Where There´s a Will, There´s a Way- Interview with Ms. Kim Ma-ro, a former U.N. intern

The period of youth is not only one of infinite possibilities, but also endless homework. Broad vision and a lot of experience will be helpful in carving out our way. Here is some information about a new way that is not very well known among the many paths of the journey of life. I interviewed Ms. Kim Ma-ro, who had an internship at the U.N.
Q) Can you briefly introduce yourself?
A) Hi, my name is Kim Ma-ro. After I finished junior high school in Korea, I crossed into the United States and graduated from high school and university there. At university, I did a double major in political science and economics. And then, I worked as a research assistant for my professor after graduating from university. And luckily I could work with my professor’s coauthor who worked at the U.N Development Program. So, I got an opportunity for an internship at the U.N. through this meeting. In a sense, my case was very unique and lucky. But, I think because I was ready I could make good use of my chance.
Q) What kind of work did you do in the U.N.?
A) I worked for about nine months at the U.N. During the first three months I worked in U.N. Department Management. U.N.D.M is a department for processing all the administrative tasks in the U.N. I proposed the direction in starting new projects there. For example, I assisted my team to launch U.N. Academic Impact. The U.N.A.I. is a program in which all universities are linked to the U.N. Mainly I researched and investigated on things needed to launch the project. And then, in terms of extending my internship after three months, I appealed to my superior that I plan to go to law school and really want to work at the Legal Affairs Division. So, I could work at the Office of Legal Affairs. And fortunately, my office assisted the permanent vice-minister in the immediate vicinity of the O.L.A. The O.L.A. gave me more diverse experience in comparison with the D.M. When I was in the O.L.A., Arab Spring broke out. So, I could watch and learn so many things from the nearby permanent vice-minister. And, after three months in the O.L.A., I intended to come back to Korea, but I spent the last two months assisting the permanent vice-minister. Because the World Summit was held in Korea, the permanent vice-minister asked me to accompany her. It was also lucky.
Q) Do you want to tell me what you felt?
A) After an internship at the U.N I have a variety of views on the world. And above all things, I have come to believe that where there´s a will, there´s a way. The internship was the impossible for me. There were more intelligent students than me. Such things gave me confidence that if I have passion and desire, some tremendous paths can be opened.
Q) What kind of difficulties did you have?
A) I think every job is the same as the internship. At first, my supervisor didn’t give tasks to me. So, I had to find my tasks and try to build my presence. It was the first challenge. But I could enjoy these processes because working in the U.N. was what I hanker for. The second thing is not limited to the U.N. Understanding various people, cultures and values and communicating ideas were quite a challenge for me outside of Korea.
Q) Finally, is there anything else you want to say?
A) I think having the time to search for oneself is very important in university. And I hope you believe that April showers bring May flowers.

Jung Hwan-su  Jung Hwan-su@changwon.ac.kr

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