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Talk to Tomorrow, Will be Good

Before Korea’s general election, our university’s general election was held. The winner (only one candidate) was Choi Ho-jin in the Dept. of International Relation. I met him and asked some simple questions. Thank you for having time to read the Campus Journal.

Q) Why did you run for president of the student body?
A) In this year, I did many projects in the executive branch of the student body to help the student body president and others. Especially, I tried to satisfy freshmen who usually join event participation of departments or university during Director of Freshman Business. Thinking about students on an equal footing and try to understand students, I can feel a feeling of satisfaction and self respect and pride. This is the main story about the process of being a student

Q) What is your idea of the title, young leader?
A) Many people think that young leaders can’t lead members because young leaders don’t have leadership. In Korea, the prejudice is the public opinion so I humbly accept the other’s wrong opinion. Though I’m young and have not yet completed military duty, I want to be an effective leader more than anybody. I promise you that I can overcome the prejudice.

Q) During the campaign period, you and your partner did a special performance. What was the significance?
A) Then, I wanted to show my resolution, so I thought about my dreams. My plan for next year's student council will be a runner with barefeet for CWNU’s students. In the first voting, University Election Commission can’t count the votes because of low turnout of voters. So I thought that I couldn’t show my resolution and passion. That is the reason I did the barefoot performance about for about 1 week

Q) What is plan of next term student council?
A) The mostimportant thing is communication. I think student council claims to be close with students, but it is not real. I think the reason for the distanance between the student council and students is a very simple thing, communication. So I will try to communicate with students. Especially, I will survey students monthly. In other words, we will make a friendly student council, solve student’s worries about the university and communicate more and more with students.

Q) Finally, what is the detailed plan for next year?
A) Next year, I will go near students to be a connection ring organization. And I will establish this connection ring between university and students. I will try to negotiate with the university for student’s benefit. Merging of departments, the direct election system of president and national universities becoming corporate are very important issues for students. Finally, I will make an effort for students benefit in the four student welfare areas; synthesize manpower development institute, restaurant, library and dormitory.

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