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"Ogu", Chocked up with Emotion
 The play "Ogu" is put on the stage between April 30th (Friday) and Ma...
Kang In-Jung  |  2010-04-26 09:25
3D Blockbuster Film, The Clash of The Titans 2010
 The Clash of the Titans, was released in Korea on April 14.  In ...
Kim Sung-Min  |  2010-04-26 09:24
Thanks for your laborious task
 I met Kim Gil-Gon, a security guard at the College of Arts. 1. W...
Sung Jae-Ho  |  2010-04-26 09:23
Importance of philosophy in our life
 Philosophy is not a theory but a vision of life (Darsana). It is not merely 'love of wisdom' but signifies a real ...
Faheem Ahmed  |  2010-04-26 09:23
Learning Through Multimedia Technology at the Language Education Center
 The Language Education Center (LEC), with the cooperation of CNU Huma...
Cecile Hwang  |  2010-04-26 09:19
Woo Mi-Jung  |  2010-04-26 09:17
You need to have a hobby
 Cultural activities represent the light mental activities which do not require much of the brain energy. Such acti...
Kim Jong-Hyun  |  2010-04-26 09:17
An Oasis : Part One
 What is an oasis? The dictionary says it is a small area of water and green plants surrounded by desert. This mean...
Daren Jonescu  |  2010-04-26 09:16
Be a man of great capacity
 Two weeks ago, we selected our cub-reporters who will be the future l...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2010-04-26 09:15
The one promise, One Meeting
 As a part of 2010 Changwon University Patent Invention Club Business,...
Ko Hye-Young  |  2010-04-26 09:11
Changes Towards CWNU Competitiveness
 CNWU president Park Seong-ho is strongly determined to  enhance CWNU's competitiveness. He said, "Regardless ...
Ryu Seung-Bong  |  2010-04-26 09:10
Support Program for Promising Key Technology in 2010
 On April 1, the Commissioner of the Patent Office announced the discovery and commercialization support program fo...
Kim Sung-Min  |  2010-04-26 09:10
Celebrating Disabled People? Day on April 20th
 The students of the Dept. of Special Education held the 'Disabled Exp...
Kim hye-jin  |  2010-04-26 09:08
The 23rd Cultural Heritage Tour in Chang-Nyeong
 CWNU Museum will be conducting the 23rd Cultural Heritage Tour on Sat...
Kim E-Seul  |  2010-04-26 09:08
CWNU Operates Employment Support Session
 It seems that the door to public enterprises is still narrow for grad...
Kang In-Jung  |  2010-04-26 09:07
The Heat of the Action
 In April, CWNU stadium was filled with the excitement of athletic com...
Choi Duck-Yoon  |  2010-04-26 09:06
Pride CWNU Project Plan Announced
 CWNU announced the 'Pride CWNU Project for Proper and Effective Teaching'. The Project is designed to lead to CWNU...
Ryu Seung-Bong  |  2010-04-26 09:05
Kim So-Ri won President's Championship Flag
 Kim So-Ri (Dept. of Physical Education, 08) won the 'President's championship flag', a nationwide table tennis Cha...
Kim E-seul  |  2010-04-26 09:05
1st Offshore Plant Festival
 On April 21, the '1st Offshore Plant Festival' took place at Changwon...
Ahn Seong-Bin  |  2010-04-26 09:04
Movie of Movies, The Blind Side
 The Blind Side, which will be released on April 15, was released in t...
Kim E-Seul  |  2010-04-12 22:34
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