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Internet broadcast ‘Netporter’ with CWNU media center
Gyeongsangnam-do executes cultivate netporter project with CWNU media center. Netporter is composition of a netizen and a reporter. That means one of reporter who playing Internet on-line. This project take aim at a training expert can production and distribution of video contents. It is the most important plan of them that UCC product education for a local resident. They want to make video contents about public relations of our area. Also submited video will televised on Internet broadcasting in Gyeongsangnam-do . Completions on this program have netporter qualifications of Internet broadcasting and they are supposed to continuous activity by netporter.

CWNU Media Center is in charge of Newspaper, radio, video and internet in CWNU. And They are educational institution that has software and production facility about multimedia. Media Center has managed ASTC Creative Production since 2009. They has machine, course of study and famous teacher of multimdia programs.

Education director, responsibility lecturer, assistance lecturer and administration lecturer go into the netporter training project and progress the lecture. In this curriculum people will video planning and filming use digital camcorder, and relation apparatus. And It is digital edit curriculum use edit computer. Also it include Internet construct and management about broadcast. The lecture theory(30%) with practice(70%). And the lecture consists of planning and filming 8 hour, digital edit 10 hour and application 2 hour total 20 hour.

Primary netporter recruitment was already closed and now the lecture is in progress from September 6 to September 16. Second netporter is recruiting until on 20, p.m.6:00. And the lecture is ready to be put into effect from September 27 to October7. The lecture will proceed from p.m.2:00 t0 p.m.4:30 at CWNU media center Education Hall(building 85). If you local people that more than university student, you can apply to Netporter.

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