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Specialized products in Changnyeong invade Japanese market!
 Processing products made by Changnyeong onion reportedly gained publi...
Ko Hye-Young  |  2010-10-18 17:41
Learning the arithmetic of Love
The lecture about sexual psychology and dating communication, ‘The four fun...
Ko Hye-Young  |  2010-10-18 17:40
Japan weeks : Muto Masatoshi’s lecture
As the last ambassador of Korea and Japan amalgamation century and as the f...
Seong Jae-Ho  |  2010-10-18 17:36
Prof. Kim Hyang-Kum: Weaving the tapestry of Gyeongnam
 “I’ll deliver a fresh image of Gyeongnam and let it soar into the wor...
Kim Do-Yeon  |  2010-10-18 17:35
CWNU, No. 1 university in Gyeongnam
CWNU’s 2010 employment rate held the second rank among all Korean national ...
Choi Deok-Yoon  |  2010-10-18 17:33
CWNU encourages public service jobs
  CWNU boasts of actively providing 200 million won worth of funds allocated for different programs that promote th...
Kim Sung-Min  |  2010-10-18 17:25
Concerns about dormitory-management expenses
Kim Sun-Dong (Grand National Party), a member of the National Assembly, poi...
Ahn Seong-Bin  |  2010-10-18 17:24
Press arbitrator talks about media ethics
Jang Sung-Won of the Press Arbitration Commission conducted a lecture on ‘M...
gwonjyun  |  2010-10-18 17:15
Awaken the sleeping giant within you
 Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “The biggest tragedy is not the great was...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2010-10-18 15:51
Korea’s Educational Goals (Part 1)
 The most recent Trends in International Math and Science Study (TIMSS), comparing the academic performance of 8th ...
Daren Jonescu  |  2010-10-18 15:49
Making room for what really matters
I’m a pack rat. I’m too sentimental about my stuff. I still keep old ticket...
Cecile Hwang  |  2010-10-18 15:47
‘Sanakbu’, the gathering of people who love the mountains
 Many people say “Autumn is the best season for reading.” Autumn is al...
Ahn Seong-Bin  |  2010-10-18 15:45
How about living in English for a while?
You can talk, play a game, watch a movie, read books, study, etc. Everythin...
Kim Gyeong-Ah  |  2010-10-18 15:42
Light come, light go
 I have a great pressure of work these days. As I’ve become a senior, ...
Ock Jin-Young  |  2010-10-04 20:50
ROTC receives the best award in the summer military training
 This year’s ROTC was selected as the outstanding ROTC in the summer m...
Kang In-Jung  |  2010-10-04 20:35
The 38th Yeong-Nam athletic meeting was held in CWNU
 The ‘36th Yeong-Nam Athletic Meeting’ was held for two days in CWNU, ...
Gwon Ji-Un  |  2010-10-04 20:31
Former ambassador Lee Sung Ju's special lecture
 Lee Sung-Ju, a former ambassador to the Korea Mission to Geneva, deli...
Ryu Seung-Bong  |  2010-10-04 20:27
Oniwell(Changnyung Onion Extract) recognized as functional ingredient for healthy food!
 ‘The Morning of Woopo, Co.’, which is a manufacturing corporation achieved through the association of industrial, ...
Ko Hye-Young  |  2010-10-04 20:24
Lee Hye-Won selected for study abroad program
 Lee Hye Won (Dept. of Japanese Language & Literature, 07) passed the ...
Kim Sung-Min  |  2010-10-04 20:22
CWNU Int'l Affairs offers exciting programs
 Amid the ever-changing environment of the 21st century, the era of in...
Kim Do-Yeon  |  2010-10-04 20:18
오늘의 주요뉴스
No Kids Zone to No Senior Zone; Who is the Next Target of No Zones?
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No Kids Zone to No Senior Zone...
Conflict Over Enactment of Nursing Law
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Conflict Over Enactment of Nur...
Maskless Sports Festival Held in Four Years: A Great Success
[Campus News]
Maskless Sports Festival Held ...
CWNU's Gyeongnam Regional Economic Education Center: “Providing the Best Economic Education for the Residents”
[CWNU Story]
CWNU's Gyeongnam Regional Econ...
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