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Opening Ceremony Held in the Media Center
On Thursday, September 9th, an opening ceremony was held in the 85th Hall of the Media Center with all the interested people from inside and outside, including President Park Seong-Ho. As it has become necessary to consider increasing the number of video contents for universities and local institutions, introduce Internet materials and other innovative video images, apply for the related budget, focus on the labor force and related facilities, and improve expertise, the Media Center was established to train competent people for the culture-content industry which is one of the promising industries for the next generation, in order to provide a synergy effect for the concentration and specialization of the media-related budget, labor force and facilities, and the combination of major courses and university institutions. Also, the center focuses on the development of video content for universities and regions, as well as other profitable projects.

The Media Center is in charge of regional, academic and university-related affairs. The center will develop the media education and other educational contents and the media for university press and education. It will also improve the practical environment and train competent people.

The center was established to focus on the training of competent people in the multimedia era in 2008. It is planning to operate a number of programs in regard to the systematic establishment of practical materials, the support for the acquisition of practical licenses, the publication of academic books, the application for literary awards at CWNU, the training of competent people and the promotion of employment, the promotion of FM radio for the local community, and the opening of the Video Festival for the people of Gyeongsangnam-do.

Currently, the homepage of the Media Center (http://media.changwon.ac.kr/center/) which can be used for direct access to the portal site of CWNU, is under construction. This homepage will be equipped with introductory pages regarding the Media Center, the Video Production Department and the University Publication Department. Also, there is a portal site for the Media Center (http://www.mediac.kr). Through the site, the CWNU newspaper, English newspaper, radio broadcasting programs and video content are provided. In particular, there is a program which can be used to see the CWNU newspaper and English newspaper in PDF files.

President Park Seong-Ho said, “I sincerely congratulate the Media Center upon its opening at CWNU. I will do my best for the development of the center in the future.”

Kang In-Jung  cutejung88@changwon.ac.kr

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