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Lee Jae Hui’s getting a job study
As there is a proverb which says ‘many hands make light work,’ why don’t we prepare for getting a job together? I interviewed Lee Jae-Hui who is doing ‘job application study.’ Job application study means that some people gather together to study in order to get a job. “Hello. I’m very ashamed and trembling because I’m new to this interview.” Lee Jae-Hui is a CWNU department of Law 04 student. “I have been doing job application study for three moons.” He has participated in this study activity for three months. “Even though I am not sure whether it’s good or not since I haven’t had a job interview yet, I am happy about this activity.” He looked a little satisfied about the effects of job application study. Actually, the most important thing about this group is its members. “Our members usually change. Thus, we are virtually doing study for only a month. However, the desire of the members is so strong that the atmosphere for study is very good and the advantage is that they are on time for their appointments.” He introduced the study members and described their merits. “I think that the greatest merit of study is that we can objectively check our own ability and foster confidence more effectively than when we study alone.” What is the difficulty of this study? “A flaw of this study is that if some people are absent, the academic atmosphere drops, which has a bad effect on other people.” Lee Jae-Hui explained his idea calmly. Finally, I asked him for advice for students who want to do job application study. “The most important thing is enthusiasm for study. Because if you dislike studying, job application study is no use.”

Seong Jae-Ho  zzangpkpk@changwon.ac.kr

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