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CWNU expands Job Skills Improvement Training Program
On August 31st, CWNU announced the expansion of the ‘Job Skills Improvement’ training program from second semester in order to help students find employment. The program offers a series of lectures that give practical information on navigating the career path and prepares students for employment.

According to CWNU, the lectures ‘Future Plan Law’ for freshmen and sophomore students and ‘Employment and Career Path’ for junior and senior students were so popular that registration was closed in 5 minutes. However, due to budget constraints, there were only 170 slots available this time for each lecture, with a total of 340 students registered. For this reason, CWNU was supported by the ‘Education Empowerment Project’ to increase the number of enrollees to more than double from second semester, thereby allowing 1600 students to register. The classes will be divided into two lectures, with 200 students per class.

The lectures ‘Future Plan Law’ and ‘Employment and Career Path’ are organized in a special format, focusing on communication skills, writing resume, and job interview skills. These lectures are very popular among students because they can get not only useful information but also two credits. Experts from different fields are invited to speak in the lectures and share their knowhow.

A CWNU official said, “I’m expecting more students to set up their career goals and strengthen employment capabilities through the job skills improvement training program.”

Kim Do-Yeon  titi9273@changwon.ac.kr

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