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CWNU’s policy on supporting freshmen
CWNU has begun an unprecedented policy on supporting freshmen ahead of recruitment.

First, CWNU pays ‘Brain Changwon Scholarships’ of 10 million won per one person to 50 students who achieve higher than a 2nd grade average on the college scholastic ability test (Korean language, mathematics, English, science series). CWNU also offers ‘Bongrim Scholarships’ to excellent persons in entrance records. 2 million won will be offered to 100 students among the freshmen of the 2011 academic year, to help cover the expenses of the student’s educational ability enhancement. The first and second new students on the list from the university’s colleges and departments will get an extension of their scholarships from the previous academic year to the relevant term, and are separately paid the Brain Changwon scholarships or Bongrim Scholarships to persons with excellent entrance records at the same time.

Second, CWNU provides the CNU English Village, native conversation, TOEIC courses, EBS foreign language courses, etc. Undergraduates, and not only freshmen, can take these courses in full. The CNU English Village program is an English immersion education camp, lasting for 4 weeks, and expenses for teaching materials, accommodation, and tuition, are processed free of charge. The camp is offered during summer and winter vacations. TOEIC lectures are open for free during the whole year with 4 week courses during summer vacations and 6 week courses during the spring and fall semesters. Nearly 1,200 students will benefit from these opportunities this year. Free native conversation lectures are offered, in which students are subdivided into 18 courses, during the second semester of this year,

Finally, freshmen will experience the corporate culture for 2 nights and 3 days at Hyundai HRD (Human Resource Development) Center located in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, which is the cradle of Hyundai Group’s employee training from grade 1, and here they will get an opportunity for serious thinking about what to prepare for accomplishing their dreams in the future.

Furthermore, a supernumerary admissions-officer system will be newly established this year.

In the ‘special selection of contributing talents to the community,’ a total of 350 persons will be chosen, after adding 150 new people. This selection will be carried out among general high schools within the GyeongNam school group and graduates-to-be in February 2011 from special-purpose high schools (Science high schools, foreign language high schools) within GyeongNam province. In the first step, triploid students will be selected only by the students workbook records, and in the second step the final selections will be made according to the records (80%) and interviews (20%.)

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