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The presentation for grounds-turfing project
On August 31st, CWNU held a presentation on ‘Turfing Grounds Project’ in the Education Hall auditorium. The presentation provided an agenda to describe the contents of grounds-turfing project for CWNU faculty, professors, and students.

The presentation began with a greeting by CWNU president Park Seong-Ho. He expressed regret that a lot of faculty, professors, and students could not attend the presentation. After the greeting, Kim Dong-Ju, who is the chief of Facility Affairs Section, gave some background on the project and the contents of the memorandum of understanding with a private enterprise, Saegi. The key points included in the background were: the aging of the grounds, the request of General Students’ Association in 2006, and the commitment of the president of CWNU.

The project, which comprises the construction of artificial turf grounds and the new administration building, aims to improve the educational environment and the public’s well-being. The details include the installation of facilities such as a soccer field, two futsal pitches, a basketball court, two foot-volleyball courts, a croquet lawn, an arena each for long jump & Ssireum, lighting equipment, and the administration building. The proposed administration building will include facilities such as a health club, indoor golf driving range, and snack bar.

The MOU with Saegi includes the agreement that CWNU staff can use the artificial turf grounds for free during working hours, get a 50% discount on fees after work and holidays, get a 50% discount on fees for using facilities in the proposed administration building, and use other facilities for free.

A Q & A session followed the presentation where questions were raised regarding the operation of the private enterprise. According to the presentation data, 80% of the CWNU students and staff, 35% of CWNU professors and the General Students’ Association are in favor of the project.

Ryu Seung-Bong  nawow100@changwon.ac.kr

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