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“Camp for the Enhancement of Leadership”
CWNU held the “Camp for the Enhancement of Leadership & Employment in regard to the Project of Strengthening Education” at Busan Arpina Youth Hostel between 23rd and 25th for 50 students in their 3rd or 4th grade, and those who will graduate from the university this year, in order to provide them with the opportunity to experience an actual interview and help them become more confident. As the purpose of the camp was related to employment in the second half of the year, it focused on such factors as personality, discussions, PT interviews, strategies which can be used to get the attention of the interviewer in one minute, interview role-playing, training with corporate managers and feedback, and sample training. In particular, the model image of a competent person wanted in this era has been considered together with self-assessment.

One of the interested people at the Compound Labor Development Center of CWNU said, “A competent person who is friendly and responsible in his or her job is demanded in the new paradigm of organization and leadership.” Also, this person said, “In order to encourage the development of the students’ leadership skills, we have focused on voluntary cooperation.” Kwon Chung-Hun (Dept. of Electrical Engineering) said, “This is my second time participating in the camp for employment. I think that this camp is very helpful since it provides updated information. I have become more and more confident through the systematic program and training.”

Park Jeong-Eun (Dept. of Industrial System Engineering) said, “Through the leadership program which had not experienced before, I became more confident and aware of my potential power. Through the mock interview, I could experience the tension of a real one in advance. Also, since I was given feedback about things which I needed to improve on and basic manners, I thought that it was very helpful.” Shin Ji-Hun (Dept. of Economics) said, “Even if I am still in the 3rd grade, I thought that the program would help me a lot. Therefore, I joined the program, and had a chance to listen to the advice of the senior students who also joined the camp. I was greatly impressed by their words. I think that it would be great for students in the 3rd grade to participate in the camp.”

Kang In-Jung  cutejung88@changwon.ac.kr

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