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Surprising progress for Foreign students
CWNU has begun executing the ‘Global Supporters’ program this semester. The International Affairs Office contributed to the advancement of this program. The office supplemented the weaker ‘One-To-One’ program, which was the former volunteer program. It placed emphasis on communication among students. However, the ‘Global Supporters’ program added various activities; backpacking across the nation, home-stay, experiencing food from around the world, and experiencing Korean traditional culture.

The office recruited members for the new program during the last vacation. 10 team leaders and 56 team members were selected as global supporters. The leaders have the responsibility of guiding their members onto a better path. They will make project proposals, manage a community, and assist team members. For example, they will introduce the facilities of CWNU and Changwon City. They will help foreigners to register for courses and teach Korean language to foreigners.

CWNU’s ‘strengthening education capabilities business’ gave financial aid to this program. The 10 team leaders receive 200 thousand won for operation expenses. Kwon Chung Hun, a senior student in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering, is a leader of program. He said “I want to make foreign students consider CWNU as a prestigious university in Korea. We are striving to improve foreigners’ living conditions so that they will feel at home.”Lee Jae-Wan (Control & Instrumentation Engineering, 06), a team member in the program, said “I heard that living abroad is very hard. Most foreign students have some problems. They have difficulty in adapting themselves to new circumstances. They are sometimes afflicted with loneliness.”

One staff member from the International Affairs Office said “There are about 100 foreign students in CWNU this semester. Through this program, CWNU will be a true global campus and foreigners will adjust themselves to the new school easily. Also, CWNU students will acquire another country’s culture and raise a cooperative spirit.”

Ahn Seong-Bin  ahnbin1205@changwon.ac.kr

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