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CWNU Students Participated in ‘The 2023 Ultra-wide GPT-AI Utilization Startup Competition’
On November 17, CWNU announced that it successfully held the ‘2023 Ultra- w...
By Kim Na-young, reporter  |  2023-12-03 23:46
Creating New Stories: '2023 University Student Hackathon Competition' Takes Place
The '2023 University Student Hackathon Competition,' organized by t...
By Park Jeong-hyeon, reporter  |  2023-12-03 23:45
Aerospace Administration Special Law Passage Urged, CWNU Joins In
After seven months since its proposal in April, the 'Special Law on the...
By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter  |  2023-11-20 23:46
Hawaii Immigrant Grandfather Reclaims His Family Relationship
Yoon Dong- kyun (80), living in Jung- gu, Ulsan, succeeded in finding the g...
By Kim So-ha, cub-reporter  |  2023-11-20 23:46
New Univ. President Candidate Verification Delay, Raises Vacancy Concerns
The concerns are rising as the election of the 9th CWNU President is being ...
By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter  |  2023-11-06 08:40
2023 University's Festival Successfully Completed
The university's festival, 'Hwayangyeonhwa,' was held from Octo...
By Jo Ah-bin, cub-reporter  |  2023-11-06 08:39
Bongrim Hall Completes Student-Centered Environment Project
On August 22, CWNU announced the completion of the student cafeteria remode...
By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter  |  2023-10-16 01:02
CWNU Develops Sensors to Differentiate BPA and BPS
A research team led by honorary professor Lee Yong- il of the Department of...
By Park ChaeHyun, cub-reporter  |  2023-10-16 01:02
CWNU's Institute for Multicultural Affairs’ 'Korean Language Outreach Education Program' for Foreign Workers
CWNU's Multicultural Affairs, located in Building 86, successfully comp...
By Kim Min-seong, reporter  |  2023-10-04 01:16
CWNU Signs International Agreement With Deakin University
On September 14th, CWNU announced that it had signed a student- centered in...
By Park ChaeHyun, cub-reporter  |  2023-10-04 01:15
Bus Route Changes and Increased Transportation Costs, Burden Grows for Citizens and Students
On June 10, Changwon reorganized the city bus route for the first time in 1...
By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter  |  2023-09-17 23:38
CWNU Holds 9th Presidential Election
On August 30, CWNU held the 9th Presidential Candidate Election. The electi...
By Park ChaeHyun, cub-reporter  |  2023-09-17 23:37
CWNU English Camp Ends Successfully
From August 2 to August 24, the summer English camp at CWNU's Internati...
Kim So-ha, cub-reporter  |  2023-09-04 00:11
A Strong Leap for Graduates: Ends August Degree Ceremony Successfully
On August 18, CWNU held the 'August 2023 (late 2022) Degree Award Cerem...
By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter  |  2023-09-04 00:11
Maskless Sports Festival Held in Four Years: A Great Success
From the 10th to the 18th of this month, the Business School, the College o...
By Park Jeong-hyeon, reporter  |  2023-05-29 02:39
Opening of Gaon Hall for Local Culture and Arts
On May 3, a concert was held to commemorate the opening of Gaon Hall in the...
By Kim So-ha, cub-reporter  |  2023-05-15 09:10
Glocal University Business: CWNU, Golden Time Not to Be Missed
On the 3rd, Professor Song Sin- geun of CWNU's Department of Accounting...
By Jo Ah-bin, cub-reporter  |  2023-05-01 01:24
CWNU Changed Name to 'National Changwon University'
A few years ago, the fear of population cliffs has been increasing since th...
By Park ChaeHyun, cub-reporter  |  2023-05-01 01:24
First Cherry Blossom Festival Held After COVID-19: Take Off the Mask
For three days from the 29th to the 31st, the Cherry Blossom Festival, "Che...
By Shin Min-joo, reporter  |  2023-04-10 09:18
Cherry Blossom Blooming Cheongunji: Was it Just Beautiful?
Located in front of CWNU's dormitory, Cheongunji, is a famous spot in C...
By Jo Ah-bin, cub-reporter  |  2023-04-10 09:16
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