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CWNU Students Participated in ‘The 2023 Ultra-wide GPT-AI Utilization Startup Competition’
  • By Kim Na-young, reporter
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▲ Students Kim Hyun-woo, Kim Kyung-heon, and Lee Seong-hyeon won awards at the startup competition (Source: Provided by student Kim Hyun-woo)

On November 17, CWNU announced that it successfully held the ‘2023 Ultra- wide GPT- AI Utilization Startup Competition’ at Unique Factory in Eulji, Seoul. This startup competition was jointly hosted by a total of 9 universities, including CWNU, Kangwon National University, Kyungnam University, Kyungil University, Dongguk University, Dongmyung University, Dongshin University, Chungbuk National University, and Hanyang ERICA University, and was conducted in conjunction with Microsoft Korea. The start- up competition was held with a total of 27 participants (three students from each university), and they wrote a business plan using GPT installed in Microsoft New- Bing. After the competition, Kim Hyun- woo from the School of Materials Science and Engineering achieved the feat of winning the Innovation Award, and Kim Kyung- heon and Lee Seong- hyeon from the School of Electrical, Electronic & Control Engineering won the Challenge Award.

This competition was an opportunity for students to show off their capabilities through methods such as idea brainstorming, business model construction, development process, benchmarking, and market research using GPT- AI under the theme of solving social problems in Korea. Through an interview with Kim Hyun- woo, a student in the School of Materials Science and Engineering, we learned in detail about the process of winning a prize in this competition.

Q. Please introduce yourself.

Kim: Hello. I’m Kim Hyun- woo of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, and I am a representative of CWNU LINC 3.0 Entrepreneurship Club, and in charge of research and development of new materials and human health and medical-related projects.

Q. How did you come to enter the startup competition?

Kim: Since I was a freshman, I have been the representative of the startup club and have focused on discovering new items and developing business items using new technologies. While pursuing this vision, I was invited by the CWNU LINC 3.0 to participate in a competition using Microsoft's generative artificial intelligence model.

Q. What idea did you present in the competition?

Kim: The idea I presented was a care robot for the elderly. This robot was made using lightweight metal materials that are currently being researched and equipped with generative AI from Bing- GPT and Chat- GPT. This is a robot that can care for and communicate with the elderly while having fun by using sensor technology in real- time to ask questions about their health status.

Q. Please tell us how you felt about winning the award.

Kim: It is a great honor to receive the Innovation Award and the Microsoft CEO's commendation. As a proud member of the School of Materials Science and Engineering at CWNU, I would like to continue to present innovative ideas and achieve greater results in the field of new materials research and in the Start- up area. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone for their continued support and encouragement.

This competition was attended by many students from various fields, including humanities, business administration, and arts, breaking the past prejudice that ‘IT is the exclusive domain of engineering students.’ Participants had time to learn how to use GPT when writing a business plan through a special lecture on how to use GPT- AI and future development directions, including an industry-university cooperation education program and one-on-one mentoring.

Thanks to the students of CWNU who strive to keep pace with the developing field of artificial intelligence, all three participants were able to win awards in this competition, which boasts a scale worthy of its name as an ultra- wide area. Due to their performance in this competition, attention is being paid to the progress of students Kim Hyun- woo, Kim Kyung- heon, and Lee Seong- hyeon, and we hope that students at CWNU who are following the same path will also grow day by day. The competition to be held in the future will not stop at writing a business plan, but will be upgraded to the investment attraction stage. In addition to the areas covered, the scope of participation is expected to expand to a wider range of ages, including young people. If you are planning to start a business or want to improve your ability to use GPT-AI, we recommend participating in the next startup competition.

By Kim Na-young, reporter  skdud2986@naver.com

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