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2024 Commencement Ceremony: Confident Steps Toward the Future
  • By Yoon Hye-won, cub-reporter
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▲ 2024 CWNU Commencement Ceremony Photo (Source: CWNU Waagle)

On February 16th, CWNU held the ‘2024 Commencement Ceremony.’ The ceremony took place at 9 a.m. at the auditorium located on the first floor of the Global Lifelong Education Center (Building 98). CWNU Acting President Eo Yun, along with deans of each college, faculties, graduates and their families attended the event. After the commencement, there were reports of the college's history, congratulatory messages, laureation and awards ceremony. At this graduation ceremony, 1369 undergraduate degrees, 206 master's degrees, and 37 doctoral degrees were conferred.

Acting President Eo Yun stated, “We appreciate and show our deepest respect and gratitude to the families who have supported your honorable graduation and nurtured you with love and dedication, superb professors of CWNU who have guided pupils, who are akin to their own children, to become upright persons of talents in our society. Each of the degrees is like the brightest gem in the world containing all of your efforts. Graduates also had spent the most radiant moments of their lives at the campus, and now stand at the departure point of a new journey into a broader world. All of the graduates have gotten ready with their own solid capabilities to demonstrate their value to the local community, Korea, and the global stage at CWNU. I hope you will continue to spread your wings of dreams as you advance society based on your experiences, knowledge, holistic refinement, and the confidence of being graduates of CWNU,” during the congratulatory address.

After the commencement ceremony, graduates enjoyed free time at the schoolyard. The General Students' Association set up a photo zone and polaroid shooting event at the playground for graduates to make memories.

Congratulations and messages of cheer were exchanged among associates, senior-junior and families around graduates, as graduates were taking commemorative photos holding their diplomas and flower bouquets. After the ceremony, a student was interviewed to share her thoughts on graduating.

Q. Could you introduce yourself please?

Yoon: Hello, I'm Yoon Hee-soo, class of 2024 from the Department of Bio-Health who graduated CWNU this February.

Q. As you were completing your university life over four years and approaching graduation, what was the most prevalent thought in your mind?

Yoon: The class of 2024 was referred to as the, 'COVID cohort', I leave a lot to be desired that I only had about two years of proper attendance at school, starting from my third year. I think most graduates in this year share this sentiment, questioning, “Am I already graduating?” While some people may have their career paths, I think the majority of graduates, including myself, haven't concluded their courses yet. Therefore, I spend lots of time agonizing over my career path.

Q. Which moment amongst your college life will stay longest?

Yoon: While major events like MT or festivals were nice, I think the small and happy moments will stay longest. For instance, in spring when cherry blossoms bloomed, I had makgeolli with my colleagues during our free time, or we stayed up all night studying at the CAN-D Zone, chatting away and supporting each other.

Q. If you could go back to your freshman year, is there any activity or experience you'd like to try?

Yoon: I would have wanted to participate in a student exchange program, something unique to the college experience. Through it, I would have liked to encounter the wider world, free-talking with foreign friends, and naturally improve my English conversation skills.

Q. Lastly, do you have any advice for current students?

Yoon: Yes, I had experiences where I hesitated due to thoughts like, “Can I try this?” I've regretted and felt the lack of not trying many things, wondering, “Can I join a club in my third year?” “Can I apply to be a school ambassador?” My advice is just to try everything you can as a college student. You don't have to excel at it. I hope you make your remaining college life valuable and memorable.

We expect that graduates will flourish in their respective fields as they enter society, and the experiences gained during their university life will serve as a solid foundation for their coming luck and progression into the global community.

By Yoon Hye-won, cub-reporter  flipp1005@naver.com

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