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Concerns about Employment, Solve It with the USG Job Festival!
The USG Job Festival was held at CWNU on May 16. This festival was jointly ...
By Son Yu-jeong, cub-reporter  |  2024-06-03 00:11
Forum Successfully Completed: CWNU Nears Glocal University Designation
Interest is growing in the possibility of CWNU being designated as a Glocal...
By Jung-hyun, editor-in-chief  |  2024-06-03 00:06
CWNU to Establish Aerospace Engineering Department in 2025
On April 29, CWNU announced that the ‘2025 Student Enrollment Adjustment Pl...
By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter  |  2024-05-20 00:03
CWNU Collaborates with Local Universities to Solve Regional Issues
On April 19th, the CWNU Leaders in Industry- University Cooperation (LINC) ...
By Kim Min-seong, reporter  |  2024-05-19 23:54
The Response to the Trial Operation of the Campus Shuttle Bus
CWNU has begun trial operation of shuttle buses within the campus since the...
By Yoon Hye-won, cub-reporter  |  2024-05-07 23:18
Discussing the Direction of Gyeongnam's Higher Education: the RISE System Forum
On April 9th, CWNU hosted the ‘2024 Global Higher Education Innovation Foru...
By Kim Min-seong, reporter  |  2024-05-07 23:16
2024 CWNU Cherry Blossom Festival: Campus Blooming in Pink Cherry Blossoms
For two days, from the 1st to the 2nd, the Cherry Blossom Festival, "Garden...
By Shin Min-joo, reporter  |  2024-04-15 00:01
Leaping Towards Space Power: CWNU's Aerospace Campus Establishment Becomes Visible
With the official opening of the Korea AeroSpace Administration (KASA) in S...
By Jung-hyun, editor-in-chief  |  2024-04-15 00:01
Brilliant Start of the 'University Student Policy Support Officer Internship Project'
On March 12, CWNU signed a 'Business Agreement for the Promotion of the...
By Son Yu-jeong, cub-reporter  |  2024-03-31 14:58
CWNU Leading the Supply of National Defense Industry Talent
On March 15th, CWNU launched the education program for selected participant...
By Kim Min-seong, reporter  |  2024-03-31 14:48
2024 Academic Year Entrance Ceremony, Welcoming 2,592 New Family Members
On Monday, the 4th of March, an entrance ceremony congratulating the new st...
By Kim Min-seong, reporter  |  2024-03-17 23:57
CWNU's Fresh Start Under the Leadership of President Park Min-won
On February 26, Professor Park Min- won of the School of Electrical, Electr...
By Jung-hyun, editor-in-chief  |  2024-03-17 23:57
2024 Commencement Ceremony: Confident Steps Toward the Future
On February 16th, CWNU held the ‘2024 Commencement Ceremony.’ The ceremony ...
By Yoon Hye-won, cub-reporter  |  2024-03-03 23:42
CWNU’s Challenge for Glocal University: Opening a New Era
With the announcement of the Ministry of Education's plan to designate ...
By Jung-hyun, editor-in-chief  |  2024-03-03 23:37
CWNU Students Participated in ‘The 2023 Ultra-wide GPT-AI Utilization Startup Competition’
On November 17, CWNU announced that it successfully held the ‘2023 Ultra- w...
By Kim Na-young, reporter  |  2023-12-03 23:46
Creating New Stories: '2023 University Student Hackathon Competition' Takes Place
The '2023 University Student Hackathon Competition,' organized by t...
By Park Jeong-hyeon, reporter  |  2023-12-03 23:45
Aerospace Administration Special Law Passage Urged, CWNU Joins In
After seven months since its proposal in April, the 'Special Law on the...
By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter  |  2023-11-20 23:46
Hawaii Immigrant Grandfather Reclaims His Family Relationship
Yoon Dong- kyun (80), living in Jung- gu, Ulsan, succeeded in finding the g...
By Kim So-ha, cub-reporter  |  2023-11-20 23:46
New Univ. President Candidate Verification Delay, Raises Vacancy Concerns
The concerns are rising as the election of the 9th CWNU President is being ...
By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter  |  2023-11-06 08:40
2023 University's Festival Successfully Completed
The university's festival, 'Hwayangyeonhwa,' was held from Octo...
By Jo Ah-bin, cub-reporter  |  2023-11-06 08:39
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