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Bongrim Hall Completes Student-Centered Environment Project
  • By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2023.10.16 01:02
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▲ CWNU has completed the environmental improvement project for Bongrim student cafeteria and held its opening ceremony (Source: CWNU Waggle)

On August 22, CWNU announced the completion of the student cafeteria remodeling at Bongrim student hall as a part of the student- centered environment improvement project. Alongside the opening ceremony, it started the full- scale operation. The ceremony was attended by various dignitaries, including President Lee Ho- young, as well as faculty, staff, students, and employees of the CWNU consumer cooperative. The event included a ribbon- cutting ceremony, progress report, greetings from the Chairman of the CWNU consumer cooperative, a speech by the president, and a tour of the student cafeteria by the attendees.

The renovated student cafeteria transformed into a student- centered space, a total floor area of 400 square meters and accommodates 172 seats. Following the hall’s remodeling and environmental enhancements, including the replacement of tables and chairs, the student cafeteria now accommodates up to 400 visitors daily, an increase of approximately 100 people compared to before. Furthermore, spacious individual study facilities by the windows, wireless charging ports, and stands have been installed, transforming the student cafeteria not only into a pleasant dining space but also into a multifunctional cultural area where students can relax and study. This is expected to greatly enhance students' accessibility and satisfaction. During the grand opening ceremony, President Lee Ho- young stated, “Our university is committed to creating a student- centered educational environment and campus, and the newly renovated Bongrim student cafeteria, as one of those efforts, is expected to become a beloved space where students can enjoy a comfortable and healthy university life. We will continue to make ongoing efforts to create the best campus environment in line with CWNU’s reputation and educational standards.”

To confirm the newly transformed appearance of the student cafeteria, a reporter from our publication visited the site in person. After the improvement project, the Bongrim student cafeteria has undergone a noticeable transformation compared to its previous appearance. The interior of the cafeteria hall is now overall cleaner and brighter, with a refreshed appearance evident through the replacement of the previous chairs and tables. The newly added individual study facilities as part of this improvement project have already seen continuous use by many students. It was evident that the equipment of charging ports and stands at each seat, satisfies the trend of students using electronic devices for studying and has effectively created an environment conducive to focused learning. The overall improvement of the previously rather aging student cafeteria has not only transformed it into a pleasant and safe dining facility for students, as mentioned earlier, but also expanded its utility as a flexible learning space.

Meanwhile, CWNU has made several efforts in the past to remodel key facilities as part of its ongoing commitment to building a student- centered educational environment. In 2021, as part of the university innovation support project, CWNU transformed the 1st- floor reading room and cafe, as well as the 2nd- floor reading room of the central library, into student- centered educational spaces. This transformation was based on feedback from university members and external expert consultations, considering the high utilization and demand for facility improvements. Furthermore, last year, CWNU established a study cafe and ‘Engineering Space’ in Sarimn and Bongrim student halls respectively, creating multifunctional cultural spaces where students can study, engage in discussions, or simply relax comfortably. This year, a new outdoor study lounge and relaxation space called 'Sarimgot' was created on the rooftop of Sarim Hall's second floor. It has received significant attention and positive feedback not only from university members, including students and staff, but also from the local community.

CWNU is actively making extensive efforts to create comfortable learning environments for its students. Through the establishment of student- centered educational environments and infrastructure, such as the central library, outdoor study lounges, studying spaces like ‘CAN- D Zone’ within each college, and a student hall designed to meet student needs, CWNU is actively creating an environment where students can engage in comfortable and efficient learning anywhere on campus. We hope that our university will continue to listen to the needs of the students and make ongoing efforts to build a campus with multifaceted educational and cultural spaces where students want to stay and learn.

By Kim Han-seul, cub-reporter  hozejunior@naver.com

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