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2024 CWNU Cherry Blossom Festival: Campus Blooming in Pink Cherry Blossoms
  • By Shin Min-joo, reporter
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▲ Cheongunji was bustling with students and local residents during the festival period (Source: News Gyeongnam)

For two days, from the 1st to the 2nd, the Cherry Blossom Festival, "Garden of Spring: United as One with Cherry Blossoms," was held at CWNU Cheongunji by the 40th "Won" Student Council. The festival, initially planned for a three- day schedule, was shortened by a day due to rain. Despite this, the Cherry Blossom Festival, which had garnered much anticipation and support from students even before its commencement, buzzed with activity throughout the festival period, attracting both enrolled students and local residents.

At this year's Cherry Blossom Festival, there were a total of 6 booths operated by the Student Council and 12 booths operated by each department and club. The Student Council added various experiential programs such as shooting, punch machines, basketball, and key- ring making to enhance the fun of the festival. At each department and club's booths, there were programs such as making Dalgona, making DIY rings, balloon darts, nail pounding game with hammer, and caricature drawing were organized for visitors to directly participate in and enjoy. This expanded scale, with 5 booths from the Student Council and 7 autonomous booths, offered a variety of programs compared to the previous year. The Student Council's services such as mat and blanket rentals, stamp tours, treasure hunts, and Polaroid events continued this year, following the success of last year. The food offerings were diverse, including soft ice cream, slushies, cotton candy, and popcorn.

In addition to booth operations, various special programs were also prepared. On the first day, the 'One Stage' event featured performances by the hip- hop club '4dabeatz' and the band club 'Cyprus,’ captivating the audience's senses. The second day saw even more diverse performances. The cheerleading club 'Phoenix,’ the Department of Dance, the dance club 'Pyhita,' and an external performance team showcased their unique charms, illuminating the stage. After all performances concluded, a 'One Day Cinema' event was held, screening the movie 'On Your Wedding Day.' Watching the movie together under the cherry blossoms against the backdrop of the night sky, provided visitors with a special experience. The Campus Journal interviewed a student who visited the festival to hear more about the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Q. Tell me about yourself.

Kim: Hi, I am Kim Yoon- seo, studying in the Department of Public Administration.

Q. What is the most memorable program from this festival?

Kim: The most memorable program for me was the 'making Dalgona.' It reminded me of the memories of making Dalgona in front of the elementary school stationery store when I was young.

Q. What was the disappointing point for you while participating in the festival?

Kim: It was disappointing that the festival had to be postponed for a week due to the delayed blooming of cherry blossoms, and it was even more disappointing that the festival duration was shortened by a day due to rain.

Q. Please share your impressions of participating in the festival.

Kim: It was great to enjoy various foods, booth experiences, and performances at the last Cherry Blossom Festival before graduation. Due to COVID- 19, I could only attend two Cherry Blossom Festivals last year and this year, but despite that, this festival became a meaningful memory. I hope that future students can also enjoy a pleasant time while appreciating spring at the upcoming Cherry Blossom Festivals.

This year's Cherry Blossom Festival concluded successfully with active participation from current students, faculty, and local residents. Compared to last year, which faced numerous complaints regarding littering and parking shortages, significant improvements were made. Organizers tackled the parking issue by regulating access to the dormitory parking lot and strategically placing 13 garbage bags across the festival grounds, along with prior notifications of their locations. These measures effectively mitigated littering problems, resulting in a cleaner and more enjoyable atmosphere for this year's event. Both students and local residents must maintain mutual consideration to preserve the scenic beauty of Cheongunji. We hope that this festival will be a cherished memory for all attendees, and we eagerly anticipate even greater excitement and interest for next year's festivities.

By Shin Min-joo, reporter  pinky3167@naver.com

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