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CWNU Holds 9th Presidential Election
  • By Park ChaeHyun, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2023.09.17 23:37
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▲ On August 30, the first candidate Park Min-won and the second candidate Song Sin-geun were elected in the election of the 9th president of CWNU (Source: CWNU Waagle)

On August 30, CWNU held the 9th Presidential Candidate Election. The election was held online and a total of 9,000 members of the school participated in the vote. A total of six candidates were nominated for the 9th Presidential Election. Professor Song Sin- geun, Professor Choi Hee-kyu, Professor Park Min-won, Professor Yoon Hyun-kyu, Professor Ryu Byung-kwan, and Professor Park Kyung- hoon expressed their intention to participate. In the final round of voting, Professor Park Min- won received 75.1274% of the votes and Professor Song Sin- geun received 68.4258% of the votes. Reflecting the results of the vote, CWNU Presidential Appointment Recommendation Committee stated that Professor Park Min- won (Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Control Engineering) was ranked first and Professor Song Sin-geun (Dept. of Accounting) was ranked second.

On August 22, CWNU held a joint speech session and the first public debate for the 9th Presidential Appointment Candidate. According to candidate No. 1 Song Sin- geun, "The conditions were stable when I first took office at CWNU in 2002, but the environment has changed a lot now." Candidate Choi Hee- kyu, No. 2, said, "Our university must keep pace with changes in the local environment," adding, "We will advance university administration to make fair personnel appointments and improve the welfare of all members." Subsequently, candidate Park Min- won, the third candidate, said, "CWNU is currently experiencing a crisis, such as the crisis of consolidation, the elimination of Glocal University, and the decrease in the number of students." "This election is not an election to select a president, but an election to select the future of CWNU," he said. Candidate Yoon Hyun- kyu said, "We will foster talented people with the personality and creativity needed in our region through campus innovation, as well as the selection of global universities. We will strengthen brand competitiveness through universities we want to embody, happy universities, and beloved universities." Candidate Ryu Byung- kwan, No. 5, said, "We will create a committee directly under the president for junior professors and expand the authority of the university council by laying down the authority of the president," and "We will become the president who attracts government support projects and development funds as much as possible." Finally, candidate Park Kyung- hoon, the sixth candidate, said, "We will propose a university development plan designed to select a global university to local governments and communities. We will communicate and sympathize with the members without trial and error."

On August 28, CWNU held the, "Second Debate of Candidates for the Appointment of the 9th President." The six candidates discussed key issues at CWNU: employment rates, mountain cooperation, and financial security. On this day, the six candidates expressed their extraordinary affection for our school and put their heads together for the endless development of the school. Candidate Park Min- won said, "This election is not a presidential one, but an election to select the prospect of CWNU," adding, "I love the school so much that I hope all the candidates will meet as colleagues regardless of the outcome." In addition, candidate Song Sin- geun declared, "We challenged CWNU again to become a new representative university in Gyeongnam," adding, "It is not easy to do either, such as being a global university, IT system business, university integration, or a medical school, but we will achieve it together with school members."

In an interview shortly after the third debate, candidate Park Min- won, who ranked first, said, "The establishment of a public medical school needs legal supplementation, so I will do my best to establish a medical school. CWNU helped me a lot to come here today and support you. CWNU will be a completely new university in the future," he said. CWNU's Presidential Appointment Recommendation Committee will recommend Professor Park Min- won, who was ranked first as a candidate for presidential appointment, to the Ministry of Education. Meanwhile, candidate Park Min- won will serve as the 9th President from October 24, when President Lee Ho- young's term expires. As candidate Park Min- won was elected as the 9th President of CWNU, warm attention and support from CWNU students are needed.

By Park ChaeHyun, cub-reporter  parkch2582@naver.com

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